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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deck Review: Creature Logo Stain 8.6

Even though the Graham has mega-tail and -nose, I still liked the strength of Creature decks. I bought this one to replace my rapidly aging Saari Battles deck. The shape is nice. The nose is wide, the deck is 8.6" wide. The overall length is the same as the Saari deck, but the wheelbase is shorter and the nose and tail are longer with slightly steeper angles. I feel like there's more room to stand on this board. I like the width. In some ways, this board reminds me of the Zoo York with stronger wood, better concave, and accurately drilled truck bolt holes. This is the first big board I've had that ollies nicely like the small boards. I have used it in the bowls and it did really well, even though it felt a little small for bowl skating. Boardslides are nice with this deck and overall this board is a swell park board. It is still a young board to me, I just finished breaking it in a few days ago. I was skating Gullwing Grinders on this board, but they were always kind of small on it. I now have Theeve 8.5" trucks on this deck, and they fit perfectly and suit the deck well.

1 comment:

  1. I bought the same deck just in 8.25" (bigger ain't available yet) .. I luv it :)