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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deck Review: Flip Appleyard P2

I liked this board well enough. The P2 promises "Spring loaded Pop". This board certainly had it. I could ollie really high on this board, but only stationary. It was really lightweight and really did have a lot of pop. The board started wearing really harshly, getting chips and razor tail fairly quickly. I tried over and over again to do kickflips like I could on the Snakebird board, but I never could get it. There was always something unstable about this board. On ollies and nollies, the board was always turning 90 degrees. So, I had really high ollies but couldn't do them while in motion - what good is that? The bolt holes were a little crooked, and the back was off center by about 1/8", but it didn't seem to make much difference. The P2 insert in the top ply wasn't centered on the board, it is kind of angled a bit; this is how all the P2 boards are, though, so I don't think it was an accident. The rails had a high spot right in the center of the deck that made rail tricks very difficult. I could still do casper flips with this deck, though, and learned how to balance on the unstable rail well enough to do rail flips with it. I learned consecutive 360s on this board, too, and it was really a nice board for shove-it tricks. One day I was practicing - not landing - kickflips and landed on the center of the board and snapped it. All the plys broke clean through but the P2 insert did not break. I didn't even have this board long enough to take a proper picture of it. So, not a bad board, but I wouldn't get another one.

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