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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deck Reviews: Krooked, Mini Logo

During the first 4 months of skateboarding, I went through 3 decks. I was experimenting with size, shape, feel, and even cost. Here are my reviews of the first 3 decks, a Krooked from Deluxe Distribution and two Mini Logos from Skate One Corporation.
1. Krooked Krooklin 8.0" x 31.5" - (Pictured, right) This deck was okay. My first "real" deck since I started skating again. It was always very flexy and it developed many stress fractures early on. A year after I got it, it still sits, fully assembled, but I don't skate it much. The nose and tail angles are somewhat steep, but what makes the deck kind of frustrating is the narrow nose and tail shapes. This board still has great pop but it doesn't feel very stable under my feet. I've hurt myself on this deck more than on any other deck I've owned. Part of getting hurt so much on this deck is just learning stuff all over again, but this deck also has the unnerving habit of getting away from my feet while airborne.

2. Mini Logo 7.875. This was a decent deck. The wood was kind of soft. I liked the super slide treatment (SST) on the bottom of the deck that made it slide better. The shape was a disappointment, though. It was 7.875" at the front bolt holes and 7.6" at the rear truck - this made rail tricks very unstable. Ultimately, I didn't like this deck because it was simply too small for me. I gave it away one day to a kid at the skatepark. In hindsight I regret giving up the Krux trucks I had on the deck at the time, as I hadn't yet done a full review on them, and they were actually pretty good trucks.

3. Mini Logo 8.5. In an effort to get a board that didn't feel so small under my size 13s, I jumped up to an 8.5" wide deck. This was a good enough deck, and the size was much better. It still suffered the shape problem of the front being so much wider than the rear. This made the rear truck stick out a lot from the sides of the board. The super slide treatment on the bottom of the deck was okay but I was kind of getting tired of it. It was too slippery on anything that had been waxed, which made the coping at the skatepark something I fear even today. The behavior of the super slide treatment was inconsistent, too: it would sometimes slide, sometimes stick, and sometimes it would shoot out with no warning. I was boardsliding a railroad tie one day and the SST was shooting out a lot on me. To correct, I eased back on my lean a bit, and the deck slid decently enough for a few inches, then stuck hard and sent me flying. I hurt my hand so badly that it took me an entire month to overcome my psychological fear of boardsliding. (I need my hands for my job - research analyst - and felt for the first time that skating may be a risk to my employment. A bit scary because no job = no money for skating!) But back to the deck. The deck wore really quickly, getting razor tail in only a couple of weeks. The wood was soft and splintered and chipped easily. The board started out with very mellow concave that quickly flattened out to nearly flat side-to-side and an ever-flattening tail (explains the razor tail). The deck barely lasted a month of skatepark usage. In the end, I hated this deck, and was glad to get rid of it.


  1. Yup, MiniLogos seem to be made of some real low-quality wood.
    They chip and lose their shape real quick.

  2. You should try an 8.5 krooked board. I love mine. I feel you on the part where it seems to get away from your feet. Even tho I use mob grip it happens to me.

    1. Thanks, Joey. I did skate an 8.5 krooked board for a while and it was pretty nice. Krooked makes good skateboards.

  3. Hey, Bertrand. I love the blog. I'm 42, been skating on and off since the 80's, but decided to learn how to skate transition this summer. I love old school deck shapes, but I can't helo but notice the the responsiveness of a popsicle stick.
    Anyway, been riding a 8.5 minilogo deck and (granted, this is 6 years after your original post, things in production might have changed), but I find the deck to be holding up very well to mini-ramp skating. I'm actually sick of the deck and want to get a new one, but I can't justify it because there is no razor tail (bonus of skating wood ramps).
    So that has been my experience, for what its worth. Keep up the good work!