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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Enjoi Rasta Panda Wide 8.1 from Dwindle Distribution

Still trying to sort out what I liked best in a flatland deck, I had learned from my experience with the Flip Appleyard that I don't like a lot of concave and that I wanted a flat rail. I also wanted to try the Resin technology that Dwindle uses in their decks.

In short, I like this board a lot. It is now my favorite flatland setup ever. The resin construction gives this deck a really nice pop. The shape is absolutely perfect for technical street skating. I can ollie on this board higher and with more confidence than any other board I've skated. This is the first board I've skated since my Snakebird board on which I could land kickflips. The rails on this board are straight and highly stable, making rail tricks easy. The length is just long enough to do high ollies with but not so long that casper flips aren't still easy to do. Shove-its, nollies, 360s, all the flatland tricks are easy on this board. I am even learning heel flips on this board - something I really didn't think I was ready for yet. This is a very, very good all-around board that I'm glad I've run across. The Tensors are an okay match to the deck, but I couldn't ever seem to sort out the bushing situation for the Tensors. Eventually I put some Venture Low 5.2 trucks on the deck and those trucks made the setup my favorite. The Ventures just feel right: they feel most like my old Gullwing Street Shadows I skated back before Ventures even came out (Venture Trucks was founded in 1991 to give street skaters a proper truck.) I put Bones Hard bushings in the Ventures and they seem to help get the trucks tight enough for me but still give me turning ability. I still got wheel bite when I landed too much on one side or the other, but I'd been slowly training myself to land more square on the board to avoid wheelbite. Eventually I got some Lucky bushings for the Ventures, and the green medium bushings work great for flatland.

When the first Rasta Panda deck got well broken in, I decided to dedicate it to the Softrucks. I then bought 4 more decks of the same shape: 2 Rasta Pandas, 1 Caswell Berry Helvetica, and 1 Daewon Song Double Impact from Almost. The Daewon Song deck actually has steeper tail and nose angles than the Enjoi decks of the same shape, even though they are all the Dwindle "Flat 8.1 x 31.8" shape. The Caswell Berry deck has a narrower tail than the others. In the pictures you can see that I put griptape on the underside of the nose and tail. I do that to give me grip on Casper tricks when I get new shoes or when my shoes get really worn down. Most of the time, I don't have that grip tape on there.

Therefore, my current, and so far favorite, setup for flatland is as follows:

  • Black Diamond clear griptape
  • Modus Allen hardware
  • Enjoi Rasta Panda 8.1
  • Venture 5.2 low trucks
  • Bones Hardcore hard bushings
  • Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings (no spacers)
  • Spitfire F1 Streetburner 50mm wheels


  1. Street Shadows! With the composite base, right? Those were sweet.

    1. Yep, with the composite base. I was so happy to be done with riser pads. Check out some pics: