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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Many updates coming July 20th!

Thanks for all the readers and commenters! I have many updates coming July 20th. In addition to publishing all the reviews from November's post (am I really that far behind?!?!?), I have many more product reviews of the following products. If you have any preferences for what you'd like to see earlier rather than later, let me know in the comments section!

1031 Autumn
1031 Smash It Up
1031 Let the Day Begin
Deathwish Green Monster
Mystery Eldridge Dada

Theeve TiKING 5.85
Destructo 6.25
Destructo 5.75
Independent 139 low
Independent new 139 low

Kontrol 56mm
Satori Rice Crest 50mm
Satori Recycled Core 53mm
Darkstar Master Urethane 50mm
Darkstar Hollow Core

Bonus test:
Bearings spacers or not? A real-world test.

Rockin Rons
VXB 608
Black Panther Ceramics
Rush ABEC 9
Rush ABEC 7
Rush Swiss

Slip Tape
Black Diamond Grip Tape
Mob Grip Tape

Apparel and protective gear:
S-One Destro helmet
Pro-Tec helmet
IPATH shoes
Fallen Rival FLX
DC Command shoes
Under Armour sweatbands
CCS stretch pants (Legacy Flex, Hurricane)
Triple 8 pads
SixSixOne pads
Home Depot gloves (!)
Shin guards (I try them so you don't have to!)
Butt/hip pads (In case you were wondering)
Snowboard Suspenders (because older skaters don't want sagging pants!)

Physical Fitness for older (35+) skaters:
My challenges with flip tricks
Foot health and skate shoes - vulcs or cup? size?
Once again, the importance of stretching
Helmet tips - how to make it comfortable, prevent sweat in eyes, why you need 2 different sized helmets

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