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Monday, February 20, 2012

Gullwing trucks released an updated Shadow

One of my favorite trucks from the late 80s/early 90s was the Gullwing Street Shadow. I had a few sets of those back to back from pretty much 1989 until 1992, when I stopped skating and went to college. I hoarded that last set I bought and skated them again when I picked up skating again in 2009. I rode the Gullwings so loose that they rattled freely, but they never wheelbited and still gave awesome on-center feel. I finally sold them on eBay to someone in California, thereby sending them back to their home.
Gullwing Street Shadow II  (or maybe III?)  in 9.0" axle size 

Axle almost starting to show on the truck in front.

Stickers from Europe, where I got these trucks in 1990
Later, I got a set of Gullwing Grinders. The Grinders were decent trucks, but designed for entry-level longboards, not for street skating. The kingpins were way too long. I used two bottom bushings on them and
the kingpins still hung up on coping. They turned great, but shortboard tricks were extremely difficult with them. I used them for a few weeks on a cruiser deck, then sold them on eBay to (surprise, surprise!) a long boarder looking for an extra set to put on an old deck for his kid.
Gullwing Grinders 8.375
That was in mid-2010. Since then, I've kept an eye on Gullwing happenings and was excited to find out that Gullwing is releasing an updated version of their street truck, now just called "Shadow DLX".
Gullwing Shadow DLX in 8.5"
The trucks have 92a "premium" bushings and for now are offered in silver only. Gullwing is promising colors soon.
The proprietors over at SOCAL Skateshop, who always have the latest stuff first, are selling the 8.5" and 9.0" variants of the new Gullwing Shadow DLX. I ordered a set of the 8.5" Shadows last night to add to the 149 comparison.

And, for those old school skaters who are nostalgic for the "true" Gullwing trucks, you'll be excited to know that Gullwing has also released an updated version of the Pro III. Available in all sorts of fresh 80's neon colors, too!
Gullwing Super Pro III in 8.75". If you're not rocking the pink ones, you just aren't doing the 80's any justice.

Pick up a set for your vert needs! I'll forego the Super Pro III; having skated their predecessors in the 80s was enough for me. The Pro IIIs in the 80s were really, really stable on vert ramps and the dip in the middle of the axle made it easier to do pivots and 50-50s on the coping, but I found them completely unusable in any street situation.


  1. Hey Bertrand, just want to start off by saying thanks for such an amazing blog. I found it on google looking for a theeve trucks review and really glad I came across it. I've always been really anal about my skate product(especially trucks)and it's good to see alot of in-depth and detailed reviews.

    Off topic a bit but I read in one of your old blog comments sections that you had a theeve low trucks review on the way? I assume you never got the trucks for testing... Anyway the reason I ask is because it's coming up to that time of needing a new pair of trucks and i'm very undecided on what to get for my next set. I'm riding on the old indy stage 10 forged hollow 139's at the moment and they feel a tad high and heavy from what i'm used to. Before that were thunder hollow light hi 147 II's and I considered them to be a perfect height(i'm a street skater)so ultimately I was just wondering if you knew where the theeve lows measured up-height wise. And if there even worth getting? Or I see venture's all the hype at the moment and was considering trying the new hollow light low 5.25's out and were they would measure up against the thunders too. Sorry about the essay, just wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!

  2. I never got the Theeve lows for testing. I usually buy my products at market price and then pass them on to other skaters via eBay at some cost to me. (I recoup about 50-60% of my costs in this way.) Theeve offered to send some lows free of charge, but it never happened. Oh well.
    When I'm finished testing and selling off all the 149 trucks, I'll pick up some Theeve lows and put them through the wringer. Should be in May-June 2012.

  3. Looking forward to this, I have some grinders and like you said, they are nice and surfy but a bit twitchy for tricks.

    -an old man skater from Boston

    1. Final opinion: don't bother. Sorry! Stick to your Grinders and just get flatter decks. I had an 8.25" Think deck that did really well with the Grinders, kickflips and everything.

  4. oh man... sounds good... I lost my eyes on them but thanks that you remind me of them... also I'm excited about your test (what happend with influence by the sense of time to Gullwings) :)
    Socal is btw a great shop... wheels are with shipping 10 EUR cheaper than to buy them here on store.

    I saw that the DLX also in 8.0" available.

  5. Pink Super Pros would be pretty awesome on my cruiser! :) I had their predecessors also way back in the days, and yeah, not the best trucks for street skating. But they released a really really great trucks back in mid nineties, one of my all time favourites, if not THE favourites: Gullwing G-series' "Micro G" trucks. Man, I would propably cry, if they would bring those back. :) Too bad their intresses seem to be towards longboarding nowadays. :/

    Thanks for the awesome blog btw. Just found this blog few hours ago as I was trying to find some info about different trucks.