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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.5"

In an earlier post, I introduced that Gullwing Truck Company released an updated version of their Street Shadow truck, the Shadow DLX. I picked up a set of Shadow trucks in size 8.5" to add to my 149 truck comparison. In this post, I'll share the specifications and some pictures I took of the Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.5".

The Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.5" weigh 387.5 grams, on par with the Independent Standard 149. The hanger width is 150mm. Axle width is nominally 8.5", but I measured them at 8.625"; this is mainly because the exposed axle is longer than usual, as you'll see in the pictures below. Interestingly, the height of these trucks is 50.5mm, lower than any other truck in the 149 comparison and just about as low as Krux 4.0 Mahollow downlow trucks. That makes these Gullwings effectively "low" trucks.

I also received a set of Gullwing Shadow DLX in size 8.0". The vital specifications for these trucks are below, but the height of the 8.0" trucks is 51.25, making these effectively "mid" trucks. Interesting.

Here are the specs for both trucks:

  • Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.5"
    • Hanger width, mm = 150 mm
    • Axle width, inches = 8.625"
    • Weight, grams = 387.5 g
    • Height, mm = 50.25 mm

  • Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.0"
    • Hanger width, mm = 137 mm
    • Axle width, inches = 8.0"
    • Weight, grams = 377.5 g
    • Height, mm = 51.25 mm
Now for the pictures of the Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.5".

Made in the USA. With the old-school hex head kingpin, it will be easy  to mount reverse kingpins or different length kingpins, as is common in the Gullwing community.

Side view. Note flat bottom washer, good for deep turning. Bushings are nominally 92a, but feel like about 88a. Kingpin nut sits below grinding surface on 50-50s.

Old school and new school mounting holes. Big gull wings cast into the hanger: wouldn't be Gullwings without that!

Note the pivot point.

Another view of the stepped pivot point.

Stepped pivot point easy to see here.

Rounded inside the pivot cup: no set points and clicks like with squared off pivot cups, just smooth turning.

The yoke has an interesting oval shape that will help these trucks turn extremely deeply. Note the high quality of the aluminum, it is dense, like the Destructo aluminum, and highly polished.

Axle threads are kind of rusted. They were chased with a die at the factory but they were not oiled for transport. 

Mounted with standard width wheels, both washers, and the very slight side-to-side play preferred by most street skaters. Note the extra axle after the nut - more than enough to hacksaw off to get it flush. 

Each wheel has extra axle beyond the nut.

Mounted on my Entrail Apocalypse, ready for testing. 

Next to this week's long-term trucks, the Independent Forged Hollow 149s.
On a quick ride down the driveway, these trucks had a lot of wheelbite. The low height, soft bushings, laterally oval inner yoke shape, and flat bottom washers make a truck that turns far too deeply to be mounted without risers. I switched out the bushings for some Doh Doh 93a bushings, and the trucks don't wheelbite as much. I hit my little bank ramp in my driveway a little bit and did some flatland. The trucks felt a lot like Independent Standard 149s in many, many ways. 

More to come!


  1. sounds that they ain't that "innovation" :/?

    1. Alas, no. They seem like heavy Independent trucks. No more, no less.

  2. do you want informations about the Gullwing Shadow DLX 9.0 to complete your blog? i couldnt find any info about the 9.0, it was annoying. you said that you can replace the kingpin to use reversekingpin-bushings? i was trying to get this kingpin out, it seemed to be melted in, but after hammering and twisting i got them out. it looks like a thread inside the hole of the baseplate, is that common to have such a tight hole? greatings from germany

    1. It is common to have a tight fit of the kingpin to the baseplate. You can file or drill it out to loosen the fit somewhat.
      I skated the 9" Gullwing DLX. They feel like low Independents. I have measurements here:
      But I would welcome any additional information you have.

  3. I've been having problems with the front kingpin shaking itself loose and falling off. Any advice?.

    1. How does your kingpin fall off? Makes no sense to me

    2. Just like I said, it shakes itself loose from the ground vibrations. I made it up to the top of a ramp and looked down to see the hanger behind me lol. They weren't even loose just medium with the stock bushings. Removing the bottom washer solved the problem. They came stock on my Arbor Shakedown, now I'm using them on my street board so maybe the big wheels had something to do with it.

  4. The loctite at the top of the kingpin wasn't grabbing the threads, most likely. If you like medium loose trucks, the trucks probably feel better for you without the bottom washer anyway. Glad you found a fix.

  5. They will ride better with bones hardcore bushings. Gullwing for Life man!