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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Venture 5.2 High, part 2

In an early review, I reviewed a triplet of Venture trucks, including the Venture 5.2 High. I remarked that the Venture 5.2 highs felt entirely unlike Ventures and were even not that great in general. Well, that was before Deluxe Distribution took over Venture Trucks. If you've been following the 149 truck comparison, you'll know that the Venture 5.8 trucks are really, really good trucks that benefit from being surfy and turny with no wheelbite and perfect stability. Deluxe redesigned the hanger and brought their good bushing knowledge from Thunder trucks over to Venture, providing some of the best stock bushings out there. The stock bushings firm up pretty quickly, but they can be replaced with any soft bushings to retain the awesome turning and responsiveness you experience in the first few days of riding the Ventures.

I decided, based on Deluxe's watchful eye on the Venture 5.8 trucks, to try a set of Venture 5.2 High trucks. Deluxe's Ventures are easy to distinguish from Street Corner Distribution's Ventures by the look of the Venture logo on the Hanger. Deluxe has the big "V" with "Venture" written on them, while Street Corner had the small "v". Deluxe also flipped the "V" logos.
Street Corner Distribution's Venture 5.2 High truck. Note the inverted "v" logo.

Deluxe Distribution's Venture 5.2 High truck. Note the bigger "V" logo with "VENTURE" inside.
Deluxe's Venture 5.2 High trucks have the same specifications as the old Ventures.

  • Venture 5.2 high:
    • Hanger width, mm = 137 mm
    • Axle width, inches = 8.0"
    • Weight, grams = 355 g
    • Height, mm = 53.5 mm

Skating the trucks, they feel exactly like the Venture 5.8 high trucks with just a slightly faster yaw on kick turns. They turn fast, deep, and surfy with no wheelbite and high-precision stability that sets wherever you want to set them on the turn or carve. The Venture 5.2 high trucks impart a longer wheelbase on the board, making landings stable and causing the trucks to be very forgiving of misplaced feet. The 5.2 highs give a lot of pop to ollies and nollies, though as with all Ventures, it takes slightly more effort to push down on the tail or nose. Kickflips and varials were great, too, on par with what I feel when I skate the 5.2 low trucks, with just a slightly slower rotation on the flip.

Here are some more pictures:
Venture 5.2 High. Lots and lots of clearance between the grinding surface and the kingpin nut. No hangup design apparent on the side view: big bottom washer tucked inboard of the baseplate, top washer and kingpin nut tucked deeply into the yoke. 

Venture 5.2 high trucks. 

Venture 5.2 high trucks. Made in the USA.

Venture 5.2 high trucks. Here they are mounted my Creature 8.26" deck with some 52mm Kontrol wheels.  Perfect fit.
Long term testing coming soon!


  1. Man, I'm always playing with the idea to test the Ventures. Sounds that the DLX ones are similar to the already testes 5.8 ones - can' wait to read the "long term [of] testing" :)

    Never tryed the Ventures... a friend of mine wants to stark skateboarding - never skated before. He also wants to start Vert (mini ramp & half-pipe) skating... In fact of geometry of the kingpin etc. - would you say, these ones are "maybe the best" trucks for newbies to get into tricks like 50/50 grind, etc.?

    1. Ventures are really good for people just starting any type of skateboarding. Ventures are stable and with the longer wheelbase they impart, they don't shoot out as easily. Easy to keep your balance. For vert and ramp skating, the Venture Highs would be best.

  2. I give 'em a try - by myself - and ordered a pair of the DLXSF version of Venture 5.2 Hi (never rode Ventures before) :)

    I've got a question about riding them in vert mid./ loose. Which size of riser would you recommend for 58mm wheels? When I rise my indys forged hollow "loose" with bones hc bushings I used 1/4" riser and when I ride them med./ tight I used 1/8" risers.

    Do you think that Ventures with bones hc bushings 91a and med/ loose would works with 58mm wheels without any risers? Or should I use 1/8" or maybe 1/4"?

    Thanks a lot :)

    1. Ventures are high and have a long axle displacement. The Height of Venture high trucks is 53.5mm. The height of Indy forged hollow trucks is 51.25.
      The Venture high trucks' top washer design prevents wheelbite by contacting the hanger when leaned all the way. With medium concave boards and very loose 149mm trucks (5.8), 56mm wheels are the biggest you can go before wheelbite will stop you. However, with deep concave (like the concave on Deluxe boards) and medium/loose 139mm trucks (5.2), you can probably skip the risers altogether. I recommend starting with no risers, but bring the risers and your tools to the park with you, making sure you have 1" or longer truck mounting bolts. Then, if you start getting wheelbite, you can mount the risers.

      I skated a 8.8" board with 9" Destructo D2s (with a height of 51.25mm) with no risers and medium/loose trucks. I regularly skated 57mm wheels with no problems at all with that setup in bowls and on the mini ramp.

  3. Thanks (again) a lot Bertrand !!! :)
    I ordered a pair of the DLXSF 5.25" Hi today (after your positive words about them)- I'm excited to test them ^^

    1. And I, in turn, found some Strike II Thunder 149 light trucks and ordered them, as per your guidance! Thanks!

    2. nice... would be nice to hear a review - compare them to the "(old) version I" of 149 lights :)

    3. They'll be in the mix with the other 149s in my current comparison. I liked the old 149 lights on the miniramp, but they felt a little slow on the street course. We'll see how the Strike IIs compare to other 149s.
      It would be nice to find one set of trucks I can put on any deck and skate well with them. I typically prefer different trucks depending on the concave of the deck and how much or how little space there is from the truck holes to the curve of the tail. I guess I only really want trucks that won't wheelbite with 54mm wheels, that I can ollie with reliably, surf and carve with them, and that don't hang up. I'm willing to tighten or loosen my trucks depending on the situation.
      We'll see soon how the Gullwings, Trackers, and Thunders do in the 149 first impressions test. The Gullwings are in long term testing next week.

    4. maybe it isn't that interesting for your as 8.5" rider - but I found on FB as comment from DLXSF that "all 147 his are now the remastered version" -all 147s on the currently product katalog on the thunder homepage (as version "II").

    5. ... I was also confused that there are for example 147 Hi Nights Hollow Light and 147 Hi Nights Hollow Lights II - but the "II" in this colored versions are just marked the "2nd design" but has nothing to do that the "1st design" isn't the re-mastered version ;)

    6. Actually I do find it interesting that all the 147s are version II. I do ride 8" trucks in the winter, after all.
      I am truly surprised that I found 149 Thunders in the remastered Strike II. They are purple baseplate with silver forged hangers and I can't find them in DLXSF's Thunder catalogs. But the Eastern U.S. skateshops all seem to have them...

    7. I googled the trucks and also some other shops sells these trucks, too. I think the catalog of DLXSF or better on the Thunder homepage ain't up2date maybe ;)

      What's maybe a little bit adverse is, that they call the remastered trucks "II" and also call the 2nd version of - for example Nights design - also "II".

      To be sure, maybe u mail - if this ones are the remastered version?

  4. Btw, do you think the Venture's are also "good enough" in fact of turn and carving to ride them (maybe with bones hardcore bushings) in bowl/ pool?

    1. Yes, Ventures should inspire confidence in pools. Keep soft bushings in them to take full advantage of what they have to offer.

    2. nice... I would be definitly "individual" by riding Ventures- cause I don't know someone who's riding them in bowl-/ pool ;))

    3. A lot of the kids at my local park ride Ventures and Tensors. Every now and then, one of them will drop into the pool and carve a few lines. The kids seem to do fine with them, and I think you will, too!

  5. sry to disturb you again ;)
    One thing, I always want to ask is: Which size of risers did you use in the Theeve TiAX test with 58 SPF wheels? And did you also rode your trucks loose/ medium?



    1. I used 1/8" risers for the Theeve TiAX test with the 58 SPF wheels. I rode the Theeves medium, firmer than I normally would.

  6. Venture 5.2 Hi (DLXSF) vs. Thunder 147 Lights

    Hey Bertrand,

    I really need your help (again).

    To get a "background" of my knowledge - I rode in the past Theeve 5.5 TiAX trucks I luv how the grind and turn in bowl-/ pool. I did really long distance grind - but that ain't that "normal way of grind" - I can't really to a Axle-Stall or 50/50 grind... it was more getting on speed, get higher and higher to the pool coping and last the truck gets "automatical" on the coping. Before I rode some ACE 44 but they are to "turny" and I felt "unstable". After I switched to an 8" deck I tested some Thunder 147 Hi (normal, 1st version) and started to test skating on a mini-ramp. I felt stable while droppin but when it comes to the coping - I could feel how the axle nut scratches over the coping and it felt like a little beeing stuck everytime. So the hype caught me again and I bought some Indys Forged Hollow - BUT: I got the feeling like month before - I can't get into Indy trucks. When I loose the nut - they are too loose and whobble and felt unstable while dropping in. When I tight them - they felt a little bit to tight and I can't get on the coping and if I do a "short" grind with the "back truck" - it felt like unconfortable for me and I felt unstable and maybe the grind seems very "slow".
    -I rode all trucks with Bones medium bushings 91a.

    Question / need help:
    First, I want to use bones hardcore bushings -cause I luv them.
    But: I'm looking for trucks, where I can carve and turn in bowl-/ pool- and getting on speed but also need trucks that be stable while dropping in etc. (don't whobble) and "correct" maybe "miss-footstepping". I would say, I want to ride my trucks medium (not to loose not to tight). Also (main fact:) I want to manage to getting into learning tricks on the mini-ramp (and also pool/ bowl) while learning 50/50s & axle-stall etc. So I'm searching trucks to grind on metal leadge / coping. And the distance between kingpin-nut and coping should be "okay" - so I don't stuck or feel the kingpin. The weight of the trucks shouldn't be a "big" reason for me to choose 'em.

    I'm back an forth between taking the Ventures - in fact of your positive words about them in fact of beeing stable, good to learn tricks etc. but I fear that they maybe ain't turn in bowl/ pool :( The Thunders are "close" as Indys but turns different... when I rode my "normal" 147s Hi it was a back an forth between "man I luv the turn" and I "hate the way they turn" - sometimes I was hyped about it and sometimes, when I want some sharp turns, they didn't want to :(

    So, what would you say?

    1. Hey Chris,
      Those grinds where you carve higher and higher until you automatically grind on the pool coping are called "scratchers".
      It is true, you do not want your kingpin touching the coping when learning 50-50s and truck stalls on metal coping. You especially don't want any threads exposed above the kingpin nut - the threaded part of the kingpin hangs up much more easily than the nut part. You will slam hard into the transition if your kingpin threads hang up trying to drop back in. To avoid their too-long kingpin hanging up, some people kind of slide the back truck out so that the kingpin is on the ramp side of the coping and then drop in. That is easy enough on a backside, but that is a lot harder to do on a frontside 50-50 or stall, so that is a bad habit you don't want to get into.
      To review, you want trucks that:
      1. are stable on drop in and on approaching the lip
      2. will carve and turn well with Bones medium bushings but not be tippy
      3. are forgiving of misplaced feet and quick corrections while learning
      4. don't hang up the kingpin on grinds and stalls
      5. are sized for an 8" deck
      Based on these desires, you should consider:
      1. Venture High 5.2
      2. Tracker Dart 139
      3. Destructo D1 5.25
      All three of these trucks are good "surfy" trucks that have a good on-center stability. All three are extremely stable and will be a good height for your 58mm wheels. None of them feel like Independents, Thunders, or Theeves.
      Here is how each of the three recommended trucks feel slightly different:
      1. The Venture 5.2 High has a high effort to tap the nose and tail on nollies and ollies. Kickturns, pivots, and tic tacs will take more effort to raise the board on front or back wheels. In exchange for this high effort, you will have a great deal of longitudinal stability, making it more difficult for the board to shoot out forwards or backwards under your feet. When you use the original top washer with the Ventures, you shouldn't have to worry about wheelbite.
      2. The Tracker Dart has a low effort to tap the nose and tail, but the tap is highly stable, like the Ventures. The unique design of the Tracker pivot point - there's a curve at the end of it that you can see in the side shots in the Dart overview - allows the axle to be tucked in towards the kingpin and still give a high longitudinal stability to the truck. Tracker Darts have extremely stiff stock bushings, and the Darts benefit immensely from Bones Medium bushings.
      3. The Destructo D1 5.25 has a kingpin that is so tucked in, and a hanger that is so built up, that it is impossible to hang the kingpin up. The D1 also surfs really well and has a tucked in axle like the Trackers. The D1 has a high effort to tap the nose or tail, but does not pay off with a good stability if you have to take one foot off or if you don't get good longitudinal balance on your stance: the board could shoot out faster and more suddenly than with the other two trucks. Putting Bones Medium bushings in the D1s lowers the trucks enough to diminish this shortcoming, increasing the stability of the D1 if you misplace your feet.
      The Tracker Dart's kingpin is just barely under the grinding surface of the hanger. If I end up keeping the Tracker Darts after this 149 comparison is over, I will mount some Grind King reverse kingpins on them. If you look at the Tracker Dart overview, you'll see that the kingpin is a standard hex head - not the spline shaft button head in most trucks - which makes replacement of the kingpin a trivially easy task.
      I recommend you start with the Venture 5.2 highs with the Bones Medium bushings. Ventures carve nicely in the bowl if you keep the Bones Mediums in them. Ventures are also really easy to sell to somebody else if you end up not liking them. If you skate them for a while and you don't like the Ventures, you can then try to get some Tracker Darts or Destructo D1s.

    2. Hey,

      thanks a lot for your time to write such a detailed feedback.
      It is most appreciated -cause you're maybe the only guy I know who is "objective" and gives a good advice (cause a lot of people say Independent and the rest is ... but never tryed another truck in their life ;).

      I'll give the Ventures a chance an report you - hopefully at the weekend (when the weather is nice) about my experience with the DLXSF Venture's. I got them for a (on the German market) good price (normal Indys 36 USD one truck and 26 USD for one Venture truck ;)). Just could grap the gold/ lilac version of the 5.25 Hi DLXSF - they are just porn :).

      Btw, when you're testing next time a new skatedeck - get one of Dogtown Skates - never rode such a good quality deck -true love ;)

  7. P.S. maybe you would take the time to tell me, why Thunders 147 Hi Lights are wrong for my skating prefers and currently "skills". Never rode them and can't make my own mind on them :(

    1. The Thunder 147 High Lights are curious trucks. They are very low, first of all. Secondly, the turn is really quick at the beginning but it stops leaning at a pretty shallow lean. Good for technical skating, for sure. Not so great for bowls. They have a peculiar feel to the pivot, too, like a very small point on which the trucks turn. The pivoting is also a little like "click, click, click" because of a round pivot in a square-shouldered pivot bushing cup.
      I'm not sure why they're not working for you. What are your specific problems when you skate them?

    2. "I'm not sure why they're not working for you. What are your specific problems when you skate them?" which trucks you mean ;)? I rode too many in the last time ;x

  8. I've got my Venture 5.2 Hi (DLXSF) today :)
    Man at first - I thought, what the fuck, I can't turn with these things while crusing... trys bones hc medium with bottom washers, without etc.

    I noticed that it isn't the right way to left the bones bottom washer (like it told you the manual) cause it seems that you the pivot cup started to gets under pressure - cause the geometry won't fit anymore. So I put on the bottom washer again (also the top washer) and locker the axle nut so top of the kingpin sticks into the axle nut but there is around 2mm viewable space. I started my new ride and man... what's going on? You're damn right! It felt like ACE trucks in turning but a kind of different - cause I never felt so comfortable while leaning into the side and smash from one side to the other :) I use 1/8" riser with 58mm wheels and no wheel burns / bites :)

    Thanks man.. I'm very fine with my new trucks !!! Also the quality of the Ventures seems damn fine and durable :) I'm excited to test them in vert and bowl/ pool.

    1. Good, good! I'm very glad the Ventures are working out. It is amazing what changing those bushings will do for the Ventures, huh? You are correct that you have to keep the bottom washer to keep the Ventures acting correctly.
      The Gold/Purple Ventures are indeed lovely little trucks. I had a set of Gold/Green Ventures from that Gold Rush line and they were really dope looking. Too bad I wore them down to the axles!

  9. P.S. there's also sooo much space between the axle nut and the coping (if I but the trucks - kingpin centered on a rail)... amazing :)

  10. What aftermarket bushings would you recommend in these? I got a pair of 5.2 HI Westgate pro models and love them, they're incredibly stable and grind amazing compared to my previous trucks.

    1. If you like really turny trucks, then Bones Bushings are good in Venture 5.2 Highs. Hard if you're a heavy skater (180lb+), Medium if you're in the middle (110-180 lbs), Soft if you're really lightweight (<110 lbs).

      Other very good bushings for Venture 5.2 Highs are: Independent aftermarket, Doh-Doh regulars, and Khiro standard (non-core).

  11. I just bought the Venture V5 HI 5.0 trucks. From all the posts it seems like the best option is to switch to Bones HC bushings. I saw in another response here that the bottom washer (and top) should be used. The bottom washer is a large cup washer for the stock barrel bushing. Would I still use this washer for the smaller conical Bones HC bushings?

    1. You could use that stock bottom washer, or you could use the top washers from another set of trucks. If you don't have another top washer, email me and I'll send you some.

  12. Bertrand,

    (sorry if this is a repeat im not sure if my previous post got posted)

    I am going on a study abroad trip soon and i am planning on taking a skateboard. A little bit of background; I pretty much only stick with venture trucks when i skateboard. The reason for my questioning to you is for your opinion. I want a truly well rounded board that i can do everything with; from going to friends houses and simple transportation to street style riding with flip tricks, ledges, manuals, and grinds, to the occasional park with ramps and pools, what venture truck should i get? high's or low's? if your wondering, i skate an 8 inch deck with usually 52 or 53mm wheels. I just want the best all around experience i can with these trucks and no one ever gives me a clear answer to what they think will provide this for me, so basically, which should i get, high's or low's? Thanks for your help and the dedication and effort you put into this blog!

    1. also, just if you were curious, i want to complete this setup while im at home because i was unsure about the cost of parts in the area that i will be studying, and i dont want to worry about overspending, so i figured i should just make this skateboard while im at home where i know i can get the best prices and best quality.

    2. I recommend getting the 5.25 low Ventures and 1/8" risers. A lot of the Venture team riders skate this setup. I, too, have skated this setup and found it to be a very good all-around setup.

    3. could you tell me to the advantages of getting the risers with the lows over the high's with no risers?

    4. If you put risers on the lows, you can go cruising and traveling without worry of wheelbite. When you want to do a dedicated skate session, you take of the risers and you have low trucks.
      But, more importantly, Venture lows turn sharply, like good tech trucks. Venture highs turn smoothly, like good surf/cruise/carve trucks. With risers, you get a little more surf out of Venture lows, making them nice for traveling. You can ride Venture lows as both tech trucks and travel trucks, but you cannot ride Venture highs as tech trucks unless you change your skating style. The Venture highs will never flip as crisply as the lows. Even with the risers, the Venture lows flip very crisply. If you want to stick with Ventures, the lows give you all the Venture feeling. The highs give you a different, more Ace/Indy-like feeling.

    5. one more question, how would you rate venture superlight lows 5.25 vs theeve tiax low 5.25?

    6. They are completely different trucks. The Venture 5.2 Low is a versatile tech/street truck with crisp pop and sharp turning or carvy turning, depending on how fast you move your feet. The Theeve TiAX Low 5.25 is a street/park truck with easy/soft pop and carvy turning. What I mean by crisp pop versus soft pop is the feel of the board when you ollie. The Ventures have the axles further towards the tips, meaning that when you pop an ollie, the board motion feels tight and crisp, you have to deliberately want to pop to get it to ollie - no accidental manuals. The Theeves have the axles more towards the center of the baseplate, toward the middle of the board, meaning that when you pop an ollie, the effort is light and the board motion feels easy and soft. A lot of Venture and Thunder risers jump off their normal boards and onto a board with Indys or Theeves and they kind of duck walk or do accidental manuals at first, it is so easy to raise the tail or nose of the board. Likewise, Indy or Theeve riders jump on a board with Thunders or Ventures and they feel like the ollie takes more effort, that it is harder to lift the nose or tail. It is hard to explain.
      Out of the two trucks - Venture or Theeve - I myself would pick the Ventures if I were skating mostly street/tech/banks with a little bit of park here and there. If I were mainly traveling from skate park to skate park, with no real street/bank/tech sessions going on, I would pick the Theeves.

    7. that explains so much and helps a lot thanks so much for the help i appreciate it!

  13. how do the thunder 147s compare to the venutre lo 5.2.?? ive heard that the thunder hi 147 are acutally low trucks but how much of a difference does it make . i skate my trucks medium/loose and typically skate ledges/ tech flip tricks/ manny pads. i used thunder 145s before i switched to a 8 inch deck. and felt that the lower trucks were better for learning grinds. I would like a low truck that compliments the 8 inch width. I have been tryin g to relearn all my ledge tricks that i lost after a recent injury. thanks

    1. I liked the Thunder 147s on an 8" board, flip tricks were nice with the 147s, but I felt that the Venture 5.2 lo trucks had more versatility. The Thunder 147 hi are around 48 mm in height. The Venture 5.2 lo is 47.5 mm in height. They both have good stock bushings that take about 2 days of skating before they fully break in (I consider a bushing broken in when the trucks no longer "stick" at a turning angle after landing a trick, that is, the bushings have good rebound and return to center promptly). Both trucks do well when tight. Thunder 147s are prone to wheelbite when run medium to loose; either wax your deck where the wheels touch or sand out some wheelwells. Venture lows are nice when medium or medium-loose, and I found Ventures are nice really loose if I put Bones bushings in.
      I thought that Venture lows locked in quickly on crooked grinds and such. Doing ledge tricks, I often land at an angle or heavy on heel-side or toe-side of the board and have to carve quickly to roll out. Because of the wheelbite on the Thunder 147s, rolling out of ledge tricks was never a sure thing, and I ended up not trusting the trucks on ledge work. Now remember, though, I'm a big, big guy - 6' 2" and 230 pounds - so I sometimes get wheelbite where others don't. All said, I prefer the Venture Lows for ledge tricks. Either trucks are great on flatland.
      And remember, as Johnny Ronci always says, go with what makes you comfortable, but never be afraid to try something new.

  14. hey man thanks so much for your reply. i actually bought the ventures before i saw your message.! its the same thing u said. "never be afraid to try something new" and yes i remember my skating 3 years ago with lower trucks. before i switched to highs. so much better for grinds and getting on ledges. i remember i lost all my grind tricks due to that change.when i bought into the marketing of thunder his. :(
    but anyway im very determined to regain all my grind tricks now :)
    about the bushings..i thought that stock thunder bushings and ventures are the same now? cuz they are both dlxsf

    but if bones bushings retain that loose carvy feeling which should i try? the medium bones bushings? (thats what pj ladd uses) and
    do i need to install it without the top washer.?

    i miss the loose feeling of the thunders and if the bushings have that i would really like to try some. please recommend me which version thanks
    hope to hear from you!