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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Introduction: Royal 5.5

For the 149 truck comparison test, I have finally found a set of Royal 5.5 trucks. It was a long search! They just arrived today. I still have a set of Royals from the first batch produced in 1997. The quality of those were average for the day. The quality of the Royal IV trucks I received today is top notch, right up there with Destructo and Theeve. All measurements were nominal, all parts correctly cast and assembled. Royal, like most of the truck companies, has come a long way with their quality. The trucks are "raw" in color, but they are a smooth raw, like Destructos. Very nice.

I've updated the Axle Placement blog post with the measurements from these and the other trucks in the

Here are the vital specifications:
Hanger width: 150mm / 5.9375"
Axle width: 8.5"
Weight: 355 grams
Height: 50.5 mm
Axle displacement: 36.75

And here are some high res pictures:
Royal IV 5.5 trucks. Note the hex-shaped kingpin seat: you're not confined to button kingpins! This opens up the possibilities for kingpin swaps for longer, shorter, or even reversed kingpins. Considering how long the stock kingpins are, I have a set of Grind King kingpins on standby!

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. 

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. Unconventional geometry. The angle of the pivot arm is shallower than most trucks. Theoretically, this means the trucks should turn very smoothly and deeply. We shall see.

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. The trucks are hollowed out wherever possible. The shapes of the trucks are intricate: lots of little details, all of them expertly cast.

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. A partial deconstruction. Excellent casting around the yoke. Intricate, casting on the baseplate where the hollows are.

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. More fine shaping and casting on the underside. Now THAT'S a hollowed out axle! 

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. Close up view of the intricately and expertly cast hanger.

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. Geometry perfect from the get-go. Kingpin perfectly centered in the yoke.

Royal IV 5.5 trucks. Longish kingpins on these trucks. 

That's all for now. Testing happening this week and next, then hopefully that's it and I'll share the final findings of all these trucks. These Royals bring the count to lucky 13.

The full list of tested 149 trucks:

  • Ace 44
  • Destructo D1 5.5
  • Destructo D2 5.75
  • Gullwing Shadow DLX 8.5
  • Independent 149 Forged Hollows
  • Independent 149 standard
  • Royal IV 5.5
  • Tensor Ten 5.75 Low
  • Theeve TiH 5.85
  • Thunder 149 Light
  • Thunder 149 Standard
  • Tracker Dart 149
  • Venture 5.8 High


  1. whered you order these from?

    1. They'll have another set of Royal 5.5s this Saturday or next Monday.

      Also try Skatepark of Tampa:

  2. Royal skate trucks are complete shit. They ride like some chinese walmart crap, I broke the baseplates on the last two pair and the bushings were terrible. IHow much did Royal pay you for this review?

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Royal paid me nothing for this review, and I paid full price for the trucks.
      I really liked my Royal 5.5s. I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience.

    2. The ride height it much lower then Indy or venture the pop hits early. Walmart board have low trucks better for beginners.royals are lowish truck more for tech. I put 1/16 risers to make them 52 mm height the pop is perfect. I don't like Indy's 55 mm height the pop is too steep but it's preference. The indys with forged baseplate lowers them 53.5mm. thunder are similar to royals i like that royals are light the finish is smooth too I like change out bushings to doh dohs or something more rubber not plasticy