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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Introduction: Ace 03

Here for a review is a set of Ace 03 low trucks. These 8" trucks are the low version of the Ace 33 skateboard truck. I really enjoyed the Ace 44 trucks I skated in the 149 review. And so far, I've been enjoying the Theeve TiAX 5.25 Low trucks. It will be interesting to see how these Ace 03 low trucks will compare to the Theeve lows and to their high cousins, the 33 and 44.

Upon inspection, this set of Ace trucks does not suffer the quality issues of the Ace 44s I tested some months ago. The quality of these 03s is, in fact, on par with Indy, Theeve, Tensor, and Royal. The casting is smooth. The axles are perfectly centered, with just over 1.25" on each side. The bushings are in great shape - the
trucks were vacuum sealed in their shipping bags, which help keep the bushings from drying out. The hardware is top notch. Good quality. Ace trucks are so nice to skate, it is good to see a set of Aces with high quality.

Vital specifications:
Hanger width: 135mm / 5.3125"
Weight: 352.5 grams
Height: 49.25mm
Axle displacement: 34mm

Enjoy the high res pictures, and stay tuned for observations!
Ace 03 trucks.

Ace 03 trucks. This is a good view of the elegant design.

Ace 03 trucks. Like all Ace trucks, the model number is stamped on the hanger. There is always a satisfaction in grinding down the the number.

Ace 03 trucks. Kingpin is just under the hanger - nice!

Ace 03 trucks. Longish kingpin, but I suspect these trucks will be nice when ridden loose.

Ace 03 trucks. Pivot bushing is squared inside. When they wear out, it would be best to replace them with some round-shouldered pivot bushings like Khiro.

Ace 03 trucks. Pivot bushing is squared inside. When they wear out, it would be best to replace them with some round-shouldered pivot bushings like Khiro.
Ace 03 trucks. They look good on Creatures!

Ace 03 trucks. They fit nicely on this Creature Cold Steel 7.9" deck.


  1. off topic: you should try the new 159ers (with old Independent Stage 5-7 Geometry)... they are awesome in the way the turn (like ACE) but built with high Quality (Stage 10) and also got a lowered kingpin (more space between kingpin and hanger than "normal" Stage 10). Works also fine on 8.5" Deck (that's my current setup).
    But I think also bones hc bushings are needed ;)



    1. I am skating the 159 trucks right now and they are awesome! I really love how they turn, so smooth, so surfy, so predictable. They are definitely my favorite trucks ever, especially with Bones bushings. I put black hard bushings in the back, and yellow medium bushings in the front. Fantastic trucks!

    2. Actually, I should say that they are the best trucks in the larger sizes. Independent should make this same geometry available on the 149 size.

  2. Trucks arrived today, super fast!
    Anyone thinking of picking up some reviewed gear from the Bertrand, go ahead and do it, it's exactly as described and he ships right away!
    In defense of "don't push mongo", if I am remembering correctly that came out in the big pants small wheels era, and to be fair, if you pushed mongo with those 37mm's we all rocked back then the fraction of a second it took to body varial and get your pushing foot in back in front was emough to lose all your forward momentum. Then how were you supposed to pressure flip?
    Pushing mongo instead of not skating at all because of turf toe (or should it be 'crete toe?) is a heck of a good reason, though.
    The stickers and other goodies have found a good home. I think I may have fixed my gullwing grinders...... Thanks!
    Matt AKA Slick
    Boston, MA

  3. Hi Betrand,

    I couldn’t resist it when I came across some cheap Ace 44s and had to buy them. So far I’m very impressed; the quality is streets ahead of my Trackers and they turn and grind beautifully. I’m quite tempted to try them with the magnesium base plates as well!

    I was just wondering; they only came with one speed ring per axle. Do reckon this is because the hangers taper towards the axle and you don’t need them or did they just leave one ring off by accident?

    Hope your elbow gets better soon.


    1. The Ace trucks are very good. I think you're right, they only come with one speed ring per axle because the hangers taper. I usually add another ring, a thin one, so the nuts don't show too much thread. I don't know why they don't put two rings on them at the factory. I actually thought the kingpin was too long on my Ace 44s; I replace the kingpin with a shorter one, a Destructo hollow. That shaved off 5 g per truck.

    2. I think I’m going to put another ring on too; the hangers are pretty narrow compared to the axles. The hangers are about 5mm narrower than the ones on my Trackers.

      I like the hollow kingpin idea; is it an easy swap?

    3. The Ace trucks always run narrower than their size would indicate. The hollow kingpin works really well, but it was very hard to put in. The stock kingpin came out easily enough, which was nice. But with only a hammer, the Destructo kingpins were very hard to put in. It would've been easier with a press of some kind. Here is the web site for the hollowpoint kingpins:

    4. As follow up to this; I just read on Ace trucks Facebook page that they recommend using two washers truckside on the 44s if you ride a 8.5" deck. Tried it and it feels a bit more comfortable.

  4. I've been very interested in ace after reading this review. My old indys are just about finished so I feel like trying something new. I'd probably be getting the ace 03, or krux mahollow. My question is which would you recommend? I know krux are made in china even though they are under NHS so I'm not sure about the quality. Some input would be great, thanks in advance.

    1. Both of those trucks are good trucks if you like loose trucks. I think - I'm not sure - but I think the Ace 03 trucks are made in China, too. Doesn't matter, though, because the quality on both Ace and Krux trucks is top notch.
      The hollow upside-down kingpin on the Krux Mahollow truck is innovative, but if you want your trucks tight, you have to put harder bushings in there. Otherwise the kingpin digs into your deck.
      Neither of the trucks feel like Indy lows. So you'll definitely be skating something different either way. Both trucks have quick snapping ollies like Indys, though.
      Krux Mahollow trucks turn sharply. Ace 03 trucks turn carvy.
      If you do a lot of flip tricks, varial tricks, nose- and tail-slide tricks, grind tricks, the Krux Mahollows will be great for you. If you do a lot of mini-ramp, transition quarters, manuals, 180/360, and other park or high speed stuff, the Ace 03 trucks will be a great choice.
      You'll have an easier time finding a replacement Krux than a replacement Ace.

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  6. I got a general skate truck question. I know this review is about ace trucks but since i'm already at it might as well ask. Can Venture hangers fit on Thunder baseplates? I broke a kingpin on my Ventures and I couldn't get the broken kingpin out. I got some Thunders on an old board that I'm not using. I could have used the entire set and simply just switch it out but the hangers on my Thunders are really short and wouldn't fit my 8.25 deck..

    1. Venture hangers are similar to Thunder hangers, but the distance between the yoke and pivot point is longer on the Venture than the Thunder. The hangers may fit, but your geometry would be strange and you would have some kingpin binding issues that you would definitely feel on turns.
      If you like, you can ship your Ventures to me and I'll refurbish them for you: kingpin of course, plus bushings, too, if you like. Let me know what you think about this offer.