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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Theeve Trucks Review, Part 7: TiAX 5.25 Lo

I received today a set of Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo trucks. I skate 8" decks when I skate flatland and street, and I prefer low trucks for flatland. I have been waiting until I finished the 149 comparison test before I got a set of Theeve Lows to try out. I have eagerly awaited the chance to try out the V3 design elements on a TiAX truck. Also, many of this blog's readers have asked about the Theeve Lows. They have arrived!
Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. I think the Dunkin Donuts colorway is the best color scheme for Theeve trucks yet! They're probably going to look pretty funny on Creature green decks!
These TiAX 5.25 Lo trucks are, like all Theeves, lighter than many of their competitors. They weigh 322.5 grams each. The vital specifications are:

Hanger width: 140mm / 5.25"
Axle width: 7.9375"
Weight: 332.5 grams
Height: 47.5mm
Axle displacement: 30.5mm

I mounted the trucks and skated around on flatland and my quarter pipe for a while. I was already warmed up from skating earlier today. My initial thoughts on the trucks is that they are more stable than most lows I've skated. The bushings, however, were very tight, and turning was difficult. When I tried to turn, the board went
up on the two side wheels. This isn't actually such a bad thing - I always expect wheelbite from low trucks until the bushings wear in. The Theeve low trucks didn't give me any wheelbite. My ollies and nollies were easy and sure, just like with all the Theeves. Kickflips and heelflips were easier than usual. The light weight of the trucks helped, and the trucks were very stable on center. Then again, the trucks were very tight, and tight trucks always help give a responsive feel to flatland skating.

Besides being Theeve's first low truck, the big thing about these TiAX Lows is that they are the V3 Theeves, the design of which should resolve the problems with the bushings bulging. You can see the differences in the design in the pictures below.

I will follow up soon with my thoughts after skating the TiAX low trucks for a while. First, I want to evaluate the trucks to see if the V3 design elements resolve the bushing bulge problem.

Then, I want to put some softer bushings in the trucks and see how they turn in comparison to the standard Theeves. On the 5.5 Theeves I skate on my all-around board, I put Bones soft bushings in front and Bones medium bushings in the rear. The rear bushing on my 5.5 Theeves has bulged and popped out, but I'm persisting in skating it with the bulging popped and seeing what happens.

More observations can be found in the captions in these pictures of the Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo trucks:
Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. No fancy box for the TiAX trucks, just some sealed bags with dessicant inside. This should help the trucks have a long shelf life without the bushings getting dried out and cracking. So, don't be afraid to buy last season's Theeves!

Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. The TiAX logo is smaller and includes a hexagon with "LO" printed next to it. 

Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. Part of the V3 design is the addition of a bottom washer. The baseplate is otherwise the same as any other Theeve truck.

Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. With the kingpin nut removed, it is easy to see how long the kingpin is, just like with the Theeve TiH trucks. However, the Lows are tighter than the TiHs. Like most low trucks, the Theeve kingpin will touch on grinds and stalls, so be aware of that. 

Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. Perfect centering of the kingpin in the yoke. 

Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. Here is the first picture of a comparison between a V2 hanger and a V3 hanger. The V2 hanger (top)  has a  shallow lip facing the bottom bushing. The V3 hanger (bottom) has a more prominent lip.

Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. The V3 hanger (left) has a prominent lip facing the bottom bushing. The V2 hanger (right) has a shallow lip.

Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo. One more picture to show the difference in design from the V2 hanger (right) and the V3 hanger (left). Time will tell if this helps with the bushing bulging issue in Theeve trucks. Yet, this really shows you how much Theeve listens to its customers and riders! Trevor Ward, the designer of the Theeve truck, and a nice gent to boot, has really made it a point to address this bushing issue.
So far, I like the Theeve TiAX 5.25 Lo trucks. They are stable and responsive, inspiring confidence in my skating. Let's see how they stand up to the next few weeks.


  1. Theeve Told me:

    "Yes, both Tihanger and TiAx Lo do not have issues with “bushing blowout”. With the TiAx Lo we left the geometry the same, we just lowered the axle. What was done to correct the bushing blowout was deepening the bushing seat. Same great turn, no blowout."

    So the Lo ain't V3 - a modify V2 truck.

    1. Theeve's statement is correct. You are correct that Theeve doesn't consider the deeper bushing seat a V3, but those are V3 features.
      When the Lo came on the market, Theeve said:
      "We have just released the Low truck which is going to be similar to the V3 truck."

      A lot of skaters are calling the TiH and TiAX lo the "V3" because when you change the casting mold, you have versioned the truck. Maybe we'll call the hybrids V2.1.

  2. So have the bushings started to bulge? I have a pair of v2 csx's which I really enjoyed until ruined a pair of bones bushings and thunder bushings, so until I know they've fixed the issue throughout their whole range of trucks, I probably won't get another set.

    1. So far, so good. I haven't exactly been hammering the trucks, but it doesn't take much: with Theeves even with light skating the bushing bulge problem would manifest. The Theeve Lows have so far not popped their bushings. The Theeve lows actually skate very nicely, too. The Ace 03 (low) trucks I have are not as nice as the Theeve lows.

    2. Alright, hopefully they will carry the new design over to the standard tiax and csx soon. My only problem with theeve lows is kingpin clearance, otherwise I'd grab these. Until then I'll just happily skate my ventures.

    3. Yeah, the kingpin on the lows is just about even with the grinding surface on the hangers.

    4. While your here would you mind recommending some aftermarket bushings for the venture 5.2 hi's. The bushings are beginning to lock up like you mentioned, so I was thinking of getting some soft doh-dohs or low-dohs, Idon't know which one will fit.

    5. For Doh-Dohs, the green (93) or yellow (92) are a good softness for Ventures.

      If you like really turny trucks, then Bones Bushings are good in Venture 5.2 Highs. Hard if you're a heavy skater (180lb+), Medium if you're in the middle (110-180 lbs), Soft if you're really lightweight (<110 lbs).

      Other very good bushings for Venture 5.2 Highs are: Independent aftermarket and Khiro standard (non-core).

  3. When will the TiH's low come out so I can put my Tiking lows together?

  4. Any idea when the V3s will come out?

  5. Can I run 53mm wheels with these? I just found a set of unused white Dunkin' Donuts trucks (CSX) in my stuff. Also, why washers with Bones bushings? Thanx!