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Monday, July 9, 2012

How big are you and what size skateboard do you ride?

For those who follow SIMLS on facebook, I've created a survey to gather data about board size preferences.

How big are you and what size skateboard do you ride? Your answers will help inform all of us about board preferences and how to scale up or scale down your skateboard size to fit your size and skating style!

I'm a big dude, and I often like a big, big board, and I want to help other people out there scale up or scale down their skateboard sizes according to their size and skating style. Take the survey, please! Analysis results will be posted once there are 100 respondents. Alternatively, you can post in this post's comments your answers to the following questions:

How tall are you?
What is your shoe size?
What size skateboard decks do you prefer to ride?

  • All-purpose
  • Street/Flatground
  • Park/Transition
  • Bowl
What size skateboard trucks do you prefer to ride?
  • All-purpose
  • Street/Flatground
  • Park/Transition
  • Bowl
What size wheelbase do you prefer on your skateboard decks?
  • All-purpose
  • Street/Flatground
  • Park/Transition
  • Bowl
Also, if anybody knows any of this information about professional skateboarders, post the name of the pro and their numbers in the comments to this post.
Thank you!

UPDATE: I thought I would share some pictures of my feet on an 8.25" wide board:
My size 14 Nikes (totally animal friendly, naturally) on my 8.25" deck. My heel is aligned with the heelside rail.

My size 14 Nikes (totally animal friendly, naturally) on my 8.25" deck. My heels are aligned with the heelside rail. 

My size 14 Nikes (totally animal friendly, naturally) on my 8.25" deck. My heel is aligned with the heelside rail.  Nearly five inches (4.75") of overhanging toe!


  1. Well at first, on youtube you can find some pro's that reviews their setups like Jeff Grosso, Steve Caballero, etc. provided by AlliSports.

    To my personal spec.:
    -weight 80kg
    -shoe size 11.5 - 12.
    I prefer 8.25 - 8.5" decks (noticed that it isn't more a question of size than a question of board shape and concave that's important for me)
    -Bowl-/ Pool only
    -Trucks: Thunder Hi 149 (my all time fav.)
    -WB: over 14.5" - 15" WB
    -Add: Wheels SPF 60mm (the normal not the "small" ones)



    Add: Mark Partain rides (today) 9" deck (modern shape), 58mm SPF, no risers, Indys 169ers.

    Jeff Grosso: Individual Shape around 9"; Indys 169ers, no risers, around 60mm Wheels

    Steve Caballero: 9" (custom deck (print)), Indys 169ers, around 60-64mm wheels, risers (seems 1/2")

    1. Cab actually uses Indy 149's. He told me himself. The decks he rides contour down at the nose and tail to 8.75 and 8.25. : )

    2. Where can I purchase a deck 9" or big modern shape.

    3. For starters:

    4. Can I put 169 on the front and 159 on the Back ? Its a Shaped board. Powell Flight Deck Steve Caballero model. 9" at the front and a little less then 8" at the back. Please any advice. THX...

  2. Austin Poynter who rides for Powell-Peralta:

    "I actually use 3 different set ups, for the street and small Bowls I use a 8.25 Powel-Peralta Deck, 139 Indy trucks, 54 mm Bones STF wheels with Bones Swiss Bearings. I have a board set up just for the Combi at Vans, it’s a 8.25 Powell Deck, 139 Indy’s and Bones 56 MM STF’s with Bones Bearings of course. Set-up #3 is my vert board, 8.5 Powell deck, 149 Indy’s and 60mm STF Bones and Bones Bearings."

    I don't know how big he is though!

  3. i have a few different setups, too. it starts as small as an uberlight 8", 5.25 low tensor R2s, and 50mm bones stf for learning flippity stuff. i ride boards up to 8.5, which is actually my preference right now, but i'm looking to go bigger and get some more shape. i have wheels up to size 56 bones spf (w/ bones swiss) for my faster park setup (and also a set of 60mm atf that i really haven't found a great use for other than cruising). i don't just ride bones but they are my preference- the spitfire F1 is decent, too, and i have them in a couple sizes. i also ride indy, thunder, and theeve trucks from 5.25 to 149 but i just picked up a pair of 5.85 tiax today. i try to use the lightest versions (forged baseplates, hollow or ti axles, hollow kingpin, etc.) but i wasn't willing to plunk down another benny for more TiHangers, especially after your reviews.

    i just like trying different things and using different setups for different terrains. and then i redo all my setups. trying to be a better all-around skater as well as figure out what really works best for me. i'm 6'2", 175, size 12.5 right and 13.5 left (what a pain), and i'm an old man skater, too- 38. i did the survey but just put all-around answers in because i don't really use my boards as strictly street or park or whatever, aside from the flippity learner i first mentioned. and i'd probably ride that everywhere if it hadn't cost me so much.

    thx for the in-depth reviews. the details you report are important and absent from, well, pretty much everywhere else. i was going to do something similar but when i found your blog it was exactly what i thought was missing and you're doing a better job than i'd imagined being able to accomplish. i'd be happy to give you more info about what i've been doing/riding if it would be helpful. i'm publishing this using my google account so shoot me a gmail if so.


    1. Markb, great stuff. I like the Bones SPF, too. Spitfire F1 Streetburners are nice, but I wear through them so quickly. They only last me about a week of hard skating. I tried the Spitfire F1 Parkburners, but they were really slow compared to the Bones SPF. Nowadays in the park, I either skate Kontrol wheels or Satori wheels, depending on if the park is smooth or rough, respectively. I have a set of Ricta Superparks on the way right now, so I'll see how those go.

      Glad to hear you're intending to skate into your old age, too. Please do share your experiences - no reason why 2 of us old skaters can't contribute to the blog. I'll email you to coordinate.

    2. I'm so impressed to read Mark B,s response and the Bertrand as well. I couldn't agree more with changing things up, I'm 44 and been skating on and off 30 odd years. I've got 4 set ups at the moment 917 8.125 thunder hollow lights 147 spitfire soft Ds 56 for street at 92 they still slide and arnt too soft.2nd is F.A Dylan reider 8.3 thunder 147s lights,spitfire super chargers 80hd 56,3rd is Polar Jerome Campbell 8.5 thunder 149s titanium, bones mini logo 54 97a and 4th is a krooked Jake Johnson guest board 8.5 with Thunder 149s team edition and spitfire formula fours 58, 99d. All boards have 14.5 wheelbase. I found the questions weren't the right ones to ask if collecting info. Most skaters ride park,street and vert so I got over it pretty quick. I hadn't ridden thunders since their stage 3s back in 94-95,indys were my First truck and I still go back here and there but thunders are so good especially for street. I've found it annoying in the board world that 14.25 wheelbase is so common and its a bit of work finding the 14.5 to 15. I'm 64 11and a half feet, I find 8.2 to 9 are great I've been skating Welcome and Quasi as well. Love the skating going on in 2016, back in 89 to 91 skating was quite similar to now but not as fun as now.I love learning and re-learning tricks and at present having battles with hardflips and backside bigspins.I've tried nearly every drug there is to offer on this planet and none came close to skateboarding. Thank you for some inspiration I got from reading these. I'm off to skate with a broken toe, a healing broken wrist and strained ligaments in the right knee. Cant stop wont stop. Oliver Jao Smith

  4. 6'1", 165lbs, size 11. All terrain skater, equally bad at everything.

    I prefer a longish (32"?) board with deep concave. For street I prefer ≤54mm wheels. For park/tranny ≥54mm. LOOSE trucks but usually a bit tighter for flatground.

    Previously, I had a 7.75 deck with 5.0 Venture Highs for street duty and an 8" deck with Venture 5.2 Highs for park. Park wheels were 56mm blanks or Bones which were on the soft side that would get switched to the street board when they wore down.

    Last year I gave away my smaller setup figuring an 8incher would work fine for street and skatewave-type parks and decided to try out an 8.5" setup for bowls, etc. Results have been mixed.

    I don't miss the 7.75 board at all. 8" is plenty nimble so long as I keep wheels <54mm. Current setup is a Real deck, 54mm Kontrol wheels with VXB bearings (Thanks Bertrand!), and Venture 5.2 Highs (thank you again!). I could probably do everything with this board but for the wheels feeling a bit slow/hard for bigger transitions and the feeling that I could use something a hair more substantial under my feet.

    The 8.5 has been a bit of a headache: Another Real deck, Indy 149s, Bones 58 DTFs. I've still yet to feel consistantly comfortable on this setup. It feels heavy and slow to respond. I don't ollie it very well. Takes more effort to rock and roll. It could be the primarily the wheels, which still feel too big, too soft, and too heavy. Or the trucks: heavy and only recently broken in to my liking. When I do get dialed in it feels like I'm doing all my body movements a hair slower. It does feel less skittish than a smaller board and sometimes I land stuff because the board was 'just headed in that general direction' but I'll probably adjust the setup in the future because it's still not working great for me.

    A few other thoughts:

    Ollie effort: Heavy wheels, heavy trucks, aren't a help; but also possibly the different leverage of the Indys vs. Ventures fakes me out. The Ventures _should_ require more effort to ollie due to the rearward axle placement but in practice I'm not sure it so cut and dried. In terms of leverage: the Venture may require more downward force to initate but rewards with a faster upswing or 'pop'. Maybe I've just become used to an unusually dimensioned truck.

    Grinding is different with a wider truck: Scratcher pool grinds are easier, I can get a better lock on smiths, but stand up 5-0s require more commitment for getting more truck real estate on the deck.

    Going back to a smaller deck I've noticed just how much I feel toe/heel overhang in setting up for tricks. Backside my heels hang a bit more, frontside my toes are controlling the front edge. Interesting and likely a reason it feels I have more command of the narrower deck.

    Keep skating,

  5. 6'3", 335lbs with 13EE.

    I took the facebook survey but figured I would fill in some blanks. The bigger you are, the heavier things you use tend to be. Heavy shoes, heavy pants, heavy wedding ring...with more material it's inevitable. Thankfully the technology has arrived where I can finally lighten some things up. Lightweight clothing, semi-lightweight shoes and now the same for skateboard stuff. I like to ride 8.5" x 32ish, which is supposed to be heavy for the new school shapes but there are light options for that in the P2 or Armor Light realms. I like the weight and response of the TiH trucks (came here because of them) despite the bottom bushing issues. I ride big wheels (64-65mm) and run 3/8 total riser on each truck, so i'm adding some weight there but overall it's nice to have that old school board feel with the risers and big wheels where you can sort of run over anything but not feel like you are riding something with lead trucks and a few lead deck veneers if/when the board needs to come off the ground.

    1. Thank you so much for your input. It is good to hear from the heavy skaters.
      Things have gotten lighter than they were in the 80s, for sure.
      Have you actually found Armor Light decks in 8.5? I've never spotted one in the wild, I've only ever read/heard the rumors of them on Darkstar's web contributions. Point me the way toward Armor Light 8.5, and I will get a review going for it.
      What do you think of the P2?

  6. 1, 82 m. tall, weight 72 kg, 8,5 shoe size. I try to ru=ide everything I find (within my abilities, or lack of abilities), including bowl, miniramp, curbs... But I definitely refuse to use different setups, I try to maintain an "all-terrain" board. My main principle is that it's easier to do street/technical tricks with a wide board than to ride a bowl with a skinny setup... So I currently ride an 8,25 Creature deck with 139 Indys, Six-Ball Swiss bearings and 54 Bones SPF wheels. Once my deck is dead, I will upgrade it to an 8,375 Creature and the trucks to 149 Hollow light Indys. Not sure I will be able to switch tre with that new one, though...

  7. Nice post everyone, super help full with spec'ing my new desk. I've just ordered a new board for bowl riding. Creature 9" Graham Ritual, 169s Indy trucks, Powell Bowl Rider 60mm, 1/2" flat raiser. I'm 175cm, 89kg, shoe size 10US. Existing steet setup, Ive a 8" deck, 139 indy trucks, spitfire wheels.

    1. That sounds like a great deck! Enjoy it.

  8. what bored would I need if I am 220 and 5 10

    1. I would say something around 34" long with about a 15.5" or 16" wheelbase might be a good fit. But it really depends on your inseam and the width depends on your shoe size.

    2. You indicated shoulders as well... Seems wider shoulders >> longer WB all things equal...

    3. That's good logic! The survey asks for shoulder measurements, too, to address that hypothesis.

  9. I have ridden 7.75 decks, I'm 1.71m (5 ft 7) and have size 11 feet. Honestly think that 7.75 is slightly too small and have recently changed to 8. I feel much more comfortable on 8.

  10. Can you help ?
    I'm a female. Age 16.
    Weight about 90 lbs.
    And shoe size: 3.5 in men.
    What board size should I get. Also whIch wheel and truck sizing ? I'm a bit confused ? :(

    1. Board size 7.5"-7.6" wide x 31"-31.5" long, truck size "129" or 7.6"-7.7" long axle, and any wheel size between 48 mm and 52 mm. With trucks, you'll have to decide between "low" and "high": if you're not sure, get low trucks, because you can always add height if you need to. If you're unsure about bearings, get either Bones, Andale, Independent, Spitfire, or Shake Junt. Hope this helps!

  11. My height is 6,0 and weigh 250lbs

    Shoe size is 12 or 13 it depends.On my Nike SB Stefan Janoski I'm a 14, I think it's because Janoski's are so narrow.

    I ride a 8.25 deck with 52 size wheels,Trucks I don't know but seem alright.

    Does that sound about right for my size?What do you recommend?

    Also What kind of size of wheel do you ride?

    1. It depends on what kind of skating you'll be doing. An 8.25" deck has probably a 31.9" length. For games of skate or other flatland skating with lots of varials and flips, the size seems good. With the size of your feet, however, you could go all the way up to 9.1" wide before you notice any major impact of size on board dynamics such as flip speed or rider dynamics such as grip-versus-reposition perception.
      Deck length depends on your leg length - the survey shows that regardless of skating style people prefer their decks to be somewhere between their hip joint and their pelvis when they stand the skateboard up next to them. Skaters adapt quickly, it seems, when moving to longer decks, but are slow to adapt to riding shorter decks. You want to look for a minimum deck length: don't sweat an extra 1" in length, but definitely be concerned about a 1/4" decrease in deck length.
      Wheelbase depends on your shoulder width - the survey shows that people prefer wheelbases that put the truck mounting holes right around the front of their shoulder muscles, with street/flatland skaters preferring wheelbases about equal to the distance between the ends of their clavicles (collar bones) and park/street skaters preferring wheelbases equal to or greater than the distance between the outside of their shoulder muscles on each side.
      Earlier surveys showed no relationships between weight and skateboard dimensions, so I dropped weight-related questions from the survey.
      Hope this helps!

    2. For wheel size, I prefer 60 mm wheels for the park or street and 50-54 mm wheels for flatland. No matter the size, I like the new-school classic shape: the round shoulders with the narrow contact patch. See the Spitfire page for the shapes they offer: I like what they call the Classic shape.

    3. I am 6'1 180lb and wear a size 12 shoe. So I'm a relitively big guy as far as skaters go. I prefer a 7.75 deck, and though I dont know the specs on my trucks I know they are like medium height and not super wide, hard wheels and swiss bearings(reds in hard times lol). I notice a significant difference in board rotation and control on a 8.5. Even on a 8.0 however not quite as bad. It is like night a day for me as far as a game of skate goes, hardflips, 360 flips, lazers, all are so much easier on a 7.75. It feels like half the effort, on a 8.0+ you really have to try to hard to get rotations. For instance, a 360 flip is my go to, I land them 4 out of five times flat ground. When Im on a 8.5 its like 1 or 2 out of five times. Also when riding a 8.5 i find my tricks are not near as high and I end up not really catching them so much as landing on the board as soon as it finishes rotating. That being said 7.75 is like all purpose for me. The only time I would prefer a bigger board is if I were to skate vert/bowls and stuff. I would imagine a bigger board would be easier there, but I dont skate vert so I see no reason to have a bigger board. Also kickflips and sinple shuvits and stuff are easier on a bigger board, but its not worth it for me to make ever other trick four times harder to rotate, just to have a more consistant kickflip. In my humble opinion the bigger the board the harder to rotate and keep things high and buttery, however as a begginer, one would probably be a benefit to learn on a bigger board. Just find what you feel the most comfortable on and enjoy!

    4. I guess I do know a little about my trucks and stuff, they're thunder, and my wheels are spitfire(hard) 52s if im not mistaken they are mints now anyway. But I figured we were more discussing size then brand and I do not know the specific size of my trucks. I like to keep everything as light weight as possible as far as trucks. And like a very hard feel on my wheels. Im 21 if that makes any difference. I much prefer my smaller/shorter decks. However like I said, a bigger one will make a couple things easier, even some grinds. But its not worth it to me to sacrifice the high pop and control a smaller board offers.

  12. Can someone help me too:

    Gender: Male
    Weight: 80kg (176,4lbs)
    Shoe size: EU: 41-42 UK: 7,5-8,0 US: 8,5-9,0
    Height: 1.73 meter 5'7 feet
    Age: 20

    1. It's all personal preference but I'm 5'7 and my shoe size is 9 - 9.5.... I have like 3 decks. One is a 7.75, one is an 8, and the other is a 8.125.... Honestly. I think if you want to learn how to Ollie off of stairs and skate vert then go with like an 8.125 but I think you'd do well on an 8 inch honestly. 8 is kind of the middle ground which is where I like to be. Plus, if you can learn flip tricks on an 8 inch board you'll have more room to land versus a 7.75. Once you get comfortable landing on a board then you might consider a 7.75. I'd probably just go with an 8" though. Honestly 7.75's just seem too slim for me at the moment because I don't land tricks consistently and I need to work on my board control so that extra room to land helps. Hope this answers your question.

    2. Agree with Anonymous, go for 8 to 8.125" wide.

  13. Could someone please help me I want to learn how to skate. Gender: F
    Weight: 157 lb
    Shoe size: 7 USA
    Height: 4 foot 11in (49 in)
    Age: 14

    1. Probably a board that is 7.5 - 7.6 inches wide. I'd probably go with 51mm or 52mm wheels too.

  14. Weight: 170 +/- 5 lbs
    Shoe size: 11 USA
    Height: 6 foot 1.5 in
    Age: 33
    Riding: 9.0 popsicle/Indy 169

    Feels comfortable doing flip tricks, rolling at park and transition compared to my previous 8.5/149 setup.

  15. Height: 5'7
    25 years old
    Shoes size: 9 - 9.5
    I weigh 155 pounds

    I am currently skating a 8.125 because I am learning how to get my Ollies down good. Been skating stairs and curbs so I don't mind the extra room to land on.

    I started out skating an 8 inch though and I'm probably going to end up going back to an 8 inch.

    I also have a 7.75 that's easier to flip obviously but it just seems really slim to me so I might go back to it once I get better at landing on the board and better board control.

    Until then I'm gonna skate the 8.0 when I get the new one I just ordered.

    Royal trucks size 5.25.... fits 7.75 - 8.25 wide boards.

    1. Forgot to add that I skate 53mm wheels on anything 8 and above and I have 52mm on my 7.75.

      Can't decide what trucks to get next though after my Royals go out. I'm deciding between Independence, Silver, Thunder, or Venture. I also really like the Royals that I have too. They seem like just simple trucks that have a good balance of everything. Stability and turning. Which is what I like.

    2. What trucks did you end up getting? Independent 139s are good trucks.

  16. Height: 6'2
    Shoe size: 11-12
    Weight: 95kg

    Hey guys, I haven't skated in around 10 years but I'm looking to get back into it. Most of my mates have recommended a 8.25-8.5 for re-learning how to skate. What would your recommendation be?


    1. With your shoe size and height, I would recommend starting with 8.5" minimum, maybe even 8.6 or 8.75. Look for decks with a 14.5" wheelbase minimum.

      Trucks: You may want to consider 8.75" trucks like Independent 159, Thunder 151, or Venture 5.8. If you're adventurous, you can try the Bear Trucks Polar Bears in size 155 or 155T (the taller version).

      Wheels: Get 52 mm wheels, either Bones SPF or any Spitfire. I think 52 mm is the best size for learning to skate or learning to skate again. With Bones wheels, I recommend Bones SPF to new or renewed skaters because although the STF is really great, STF can be slippery if the skater isn't accustomed to sliding. After a skater has worn through a set of SPFs, they'll probably be ready for how quickly the STFs slide. Spitfires are just awesome wheels no matter what you do, but stick with the Classic, Formula Four red or blue, Street, or Park formulas: there are two soft formulas - Soft D 92 and Soft D 95 - and one "cruiser" soft formula - 80HD - that are too soft for learning.

  17. I am 5'10" 205 and wear a 10-10.5 shoe. I skate mostly smooth parks and bowls, with some rough ditches, mini ramps and parking lots/street as well. I only ride one deck and do not have a quiver, I use one set up for everything. I have always ridden very loose trucks, and now use bones medium bushings with no washers and regular bones swiss.

    Long long ago when I started skating I would base my deck purchasing decisions on what the graphic was and what pro's name or company name was on the deck. I had no idea of sizes or anything. If it looked cool, and the guy's name on it wasn't too big of a kook I rode it.

    Once decks became popsicle shapes I started to pay more attention to the subtle size differences and noticed that these little 1/4", 1/2" differences in sizes made one board feel completely different than the other. I remember in the mid 90s everything feeling really small and quirky. I essentially would buy the biggest deck in the shop, which was usually an 8x32. Some smaller east coast companies were putting out 8.25s and I would snatch them up. I did this for awhile until there was a resurgance of old school shapes in the early 2000's.

    I remember riding 9.5 square tail boards with 169 indys and 60 spitfire classics with risers for a couple years. I was quite happy with this large pig of a deck, my feet felt comfortable, I had lots of room, everything in general just felt stable. I remember ordering another square tail and they were out of stock so they sent a big wide popsicle deck, 8.75, i rode that for a bit with the 169s. At first I was hesitant to ride the popsicle shape, but after a few days riding it I got used to it, and liked it better than the square tails. It felt just as comfortable as the square tail, but lighter and less like a tank. Upon measuring it, I discovered the square tail and popsicle had the same 15" wheelbase. The only thing I did not like about this combo was how wide the trucks were, with the wheels poking out like a monster truck.

    Since then I have tinkered with sizes and found that wheelbase is the most important thing for me. 14.5" or anything smaller feels way too squirelly for me, 15" or larger feels like I am steering a tug boat, but a 14.75" wb feels perfect for me.

    Since discovering my comfort zone on a 14.75" wb i have pretty much ridden that wb for the past 10 years. During that time I have ridden anything from 8.25 to 8.5 wide just because my indy 149s fit them well.

    In the past few years indy came out with the 159s. I put a pair on a wider deck with 14.75wb, and i liked how it felt. For me, these trucks felt better than the 149s.

    So basically my deck size choice is driven by my comfort of the wheelbase and comfort of my trucks. I will ride any deck that has a 14.75 wb and fits indy 159s.

    1. Awesome, awesome information. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences.

  18. Height: 1.66m (5.4-5.5 feet)
    weight: 59kg (130.1 lbs)
    shoe size: 41 (8-8.5)
    years skating: 7-8
    Terrain: 65% transition 35% "street" (not actual street cause I hardly ever get out of the park)
    Currently riding: 8 inch board, with steep concave (which I don't really like), 8 inch medium trucks, 53 or 54 (I don't remember) hard wheels, although I'm planning on getting a street setup and a tranny setup. I want to try a thinner board to see what happens, I'm a small dude so maybe it suits me better... I don't really know because I've been stuck with the same setup for many years, but I want to go more tech on flatground and ledges and more "oldschool" on tranny. So I'm gonna get a 7,875 with softer, smaller wheels and an 8,375 with wider trucks and bigger wheels. Here is a video of me and my homies: (I'm the guy who does a kickflip at 0:52 then a switch flip)

    1. Cool! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I like a flatter concave, too.

  19. 5'8-120lbs
    Size 10-circa
    8.5 norman woods warco
    Independent 149ers hollow
    Theeve bearings
    52mm blank wheels

  20. 6.2 180 lbs. size 13
    Street set up ... 8.0 ,,,139 hollow low indies ,,, 50 mm f4 spitfire 99 du
    Tranny set up ... 8.75,,, 149 standard indies ,,, 54 mm f4 spitfires 101 du
    Bones medium bushings and bones Swiss and mob grip both rib bones on the tranny

  21. I’m 5’9” with size 9.5 feet, and I have been back and forth between boards from 8 x 31.5 to 8.38 x 32.56 and I have trouble finding what works best.

    I'm starting to think something like

    8.25 x 32 with a 14.375” wheelbase would be perfect for all around skating in park and street. But Real has recently released an 8.25 “full” shape that holds the size all the way from the tail taper to the nose that is 32.22” long with a 14.5” wheelbase. Paul Schmitt recommends a 14.5” wheelbase to people 5’8” to 6’1” but I don't know if that will feel too long or not. I mean, I still have an original Ray Barbee rag doll Powell with a wheelbase that is a bit over 15” and I can kick flip it, but the effort it takes is unreal. But I don't know if that is the WB as much as it is the homeless and extremely wide shape.

  22. How tall are you? 6'
    What is your shoe size? 10.5
    What size skateboard decks do you prefer to ride? 8"


    What size skateboard trucks do you prefer to ride?
    Indy 139's or Thunder 147's

    What size wheelbase do you prefer on your skateboard decks?
    not too picky one wheelbases but, I typically ride 51mm wheels.

  23. I'm 6"2" 190lbs, I enjoyed skating bowls for many years but gave it up just to access and proximity. I moving to an area the has 1/2 pipe and bowls and wanted to get back into it. Can you make a recommendation for my board . I've been out of the sport for sometime and really would appreciate any advice. I really look forward to getting back into skating :)

  24. Height:6'2
    Shoe size:11.5/13in(29.5/30.5)
    Board size:8.43x32.57 (14.75 wheelbase)
    I susualy ride street and park and I noticed that wheel base is the most important thing I bought board over the years and just recently went back to smaller size board but kept 149 thunder I was using before on my 8.43 and just hated it I can land almost every trick on flat but can't Ollie off stuff or feel comfortable in the bowl it feel so tiny when I grind I hang up a lot on noselside and krooks soi gave to some kid at the park and just bought sick purple real ramondetta low pro 2 deack that I been skating and its so good I can't still land most of flip tircks but now I can do them off and on tranny more comfortably.I agree that small boards are easy to use I can switch fs 360 Ollie but I can only do it off stuff on the 8.43 and I want 8.5 been thinking of riding 9 off the sea board a local brand with shovel heads I'm only 23 so its cool to try something new but proven like shovel or may be I will the punk point soon I wanted for so long even if its mean losing my nollie 360 oliies

  25. I started Skating again after a 10 year break (Age now 34).
    I´m 6´0 and my Shoe size is 10.5/11. (88 kg´s)

    My First Deck after the Break was a 7,875 x 31,67" Deck.

    Now i know that it was WAY to small for my size/shoesize...

    After buying a 8 x 31,7" Deck i got a 8,5 x 32,125" for Pool riding and tried it on Park/Street too..
    That was the time i realised, that my "go to size" for the future will be 8,5" for Park/Street and 9" for Pool!!

    If you´re tall and have big feet, go for a Big Deck for gods sake!!
    It feels so much more natural after you got used to it!!
    So much more space to land on, a little bit more effort to do weird tricks like Dolphin/Forward Flips or Bigspin lateflips, but it´s worth it!!

    I learned it the hard way, took me a whole year to get to Point, where my Setup seams perfekt

  26. I am wanting to get my boyfriend a skateboard for christmas! He used to skate when he was younger but hasn't been on a board in a while. I for one know nothing about skateboarding so any help is welcomed!

    He is 6'5 and weighs 175 pounds. He is about to turn 23 and wears a size 13 shoe.

    Anyone have any idea what I should be looking for?


  27. I have been skating for over 27 years. I have been through a lot of different combinations trying to find the right fit. I am 6ft, 165 pounds, shoe size 13. One day I came to the realization that "the average" shoe size for a male skateboarder is 9 to 10.5 and these people then to ride 7.75 to 8.25 This being said, I came to the realization that I WANTED TO FEEL what they were feeling when they step on their board. I know Guy Mariano is 10.5 shoe size, and he has been riding an 8.25 inch board lately. So I asked a friend of mine who is a 10.5 shoe size to step on a 8.25 board and then I marked with a sharpie where his feet come out of the board. Then I marked the same bone on my foot; so at this point I could measure, and figure out what would be the equivalent board I would need in order to feel the same as my friend when he steps on the board...
    I came up to a 9.5 board. Again, someone who is 10.5 shoe size, riding an 8.25... for a shoe size 13, the equivalent was a 9.5
    I was blown away. but i though, hey if this is what they feel, then I should be good. Then i also read that Jim Greco rides the small trucks, because it keeps the turning radius small. that way is easier to flip your board.
    So My current setup is a 9.75, 8.00 royal trucks, and 50mm jk wheels. I know it sounds crazy, but is the most comfortable and functional setup I have ever had. I don't recommend it to anyone... well, actually only if you are shoe size 13!!
    My advice on finding the right setup: Find what shoe size your favorite pro is and his setup, and then do some math to get your number. I hope this helps someone out on finding the right skateboard.