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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trucks: Orion Superior 150mm

In the test cycle right now is a set of Orion Superior 150mm trucks. Full details, as well as a performance review, will follow as part of the current ongoing tests. Here are the vital specifications on these trucks as well as some high-resolution pictures. Enjoy!

Hanger width: 150mm / 5.875"
Weight: 374 grams
Height: 52mm
Axle displacement: 34mm

Orion Superior 150mm trucks. Pivot cup is rounded inside - like it should be. Build quality is high.

Orion Superior 150mm trucks. Boardside barrel bushing has a slightly coned top that fits into the pivot yoke bushing seat.

Orion Superior 150mm trucks.

Orion Superior 150mm trucks. Hollow kingpin, but these are still heavy at 374 grams.

Orion Superior 150mm trucks.

Orion Superior 150mm trucks. Geometry like this is sure to be surfy and tight with deep lean and minimal wheelbite.

Orion Superior 150mm trucks.


  1. Thanks for keeping the blog going for us non-facebook guys!

    Boston MA

  2. Orion, the modern version of Tracker Trucks.
    To bad that I couldn't yet pick up a pair (hard to buy on the market here)... maybe I'll buy next time a pair on the international market.

    Never heared bad things about them... all guys who ride 'em are really hyped about turning, durable etc.

    I am excited to read a detailed review :)



    1. I've examined both trucks, and the Orions have the exact same geometry as the Tracker Axis trucks. The Abec 11 Attack trucks also have nearly the same geometry, but the axle is lower and closer to the kingpin.

  3. Also I think Tracker and Orion use the same geometry and came from the same Distribution (Factory, too?).


  4. I bought a pair of Orion Superior 150's when I got back into skateboarding in 2007 at age 37. They were new to the market at the time. They looked great but performance was sad. As I recall, the stock bushings were rock hard. I replaced them with Khiro reds. After a short time, the trucks remained in the position (left or right) of the last turn when getting off the board. After dis-assembling the trucks, I discovered the pivot cups were seriously deformed, especially the rear. I tried replacing the pivot cups with Khiros, but as I recall they would not fit. I then ordered a new pair of Orion cups. Sure enough, after one run they too were permanently deformed. POOR DESIGN. In fact, looking at your picture above, the Orion pivot cups don't appear round, but more hexagonal.
    Interested in your review. Also, thanks for creating this site. I've bought a lot of equipment the past few years and one thing I've realized is standardization and quality in skateboard products needs big improvement.


  5. i have a orion set of mom buy it to her friend..i dont have an idea how much it cost..i dont even know how to skate