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Monday, March 11, 2013

Upcoming Reviews

I have been very busy testing many different skate products. My three review cycles are:

03/12/2013: See UPDATE at the end of this post about Silver trucks!
  1. Park wheels
    1. Bones SPF
    2. Flip Gumball 54mm 96a
    3. Landshark 101a
    4. Pig 95a
    5. Ricta Chrome Core 
    6. Ricta Speedring
    7. Ricta Superparks 96a
    8. Satori Relife
    9. Spitfire Hardcore 99a
    10. Spitfire Parkburners
  2. 8.75"/159 trucks
    1. Bear Polar Bear 155
    2. Don't Trip Trippins 160 Low
    3. Independent Stage XI 159
    4. Mini Logo 8.75"
    5. Orion Superior 150
    6. Silver Trucks 8.25"
    7. Surf Rodz TKP Hex 159
    8. Tensor R2 Magnesium 5.75 Low 
    9. Tensor Ten Magnesium 5.75 Low
    10. Tensor Ten Magnesium 5.75 Regular
    11. Thunder Lights 151
    12. Tracker Dart 161
    13. X-Caliber 9"
  3. Technology Decks
    1. 1031 HXC Construction 8.5"
    2. Almost Double Impact 8.44" and 8.38"
    3. Bamboosk8 8.5"
    4. Chocolate Pop Secret 8.5"
    5. Conspiracy Aliens 8.75"
    6. Creature 8.8 Evillive
    7. Deckcrafters 9"
    8. Deckcrafters Monococh Custom 9" x 34"
    9. Deckcrafters Riot Stick 9"
The only reviews I have remaining are those in highlighted bold text above, and repeated here:
  1. Park Wheels
    1. Flip Gumball 54mm 96a
    2. Ricta Speedring
    3. Spitfire Hardcore 99a
  2. 8.75"/159 trucks
    1. Orion Superior 150
    2. Silver Trucks 8.25"
  3. Technology Decks
    1. Bamboosk8 8.5"
Look for the full reviews in a few weeks. I'll be done with the decks first, then the trucks, then the wheels.
Stay tuned!

UPDATE! Strangest thing happened today. I received a set of Silver M Class 8.25 trucks. I conducted my normal measurements of the trucks, and then did some geometry comparisons. The Silver M Class trucks have identical geometry to Independent Stage X, with the one exception that the Silver's truck mounting holes are drilled approximately 3mm further from the kingpin side of the trucks. One thing I've done with Independents in the past to tame them is to redrill the truck mounting holes approximately 10mm further in from the kingpin side of the baseplate. It is logical, then, to assume that Silver M Class trucks are slightly tamed versions of Independent Stage X. Hmmm.


  1. I'd been wondering what you were working on!

    1. It has been such a mild winter here in Maryland, I've been able to get a lot of testing in! I also have some little product reviews, too, like bushings, skate tools, and grip tape.

  2. Serious question: what defines a "park wheel" and what other kinds of wheels are there?

    1. Well, for my test, I included wheels that are designed as "park formula" wheels. I also included wheels I see skaters at the park skating. This test was focused on concrete, skatelite, and composite surfaces. This test is hardly conclusive: there are many more park wheels I could have tried, but availability or price limited my options.

      Other types of wheels don't follow any specific patterns in design. There many, many different wheel types, many dictated by marketing, not design. The primary design types are: 1) core or solid, 2) hard or soft, 3) flat-spot resistant or not flat-spot resistant.

  3. I just set up the Spitfire Parkburners and i tell ya' - i ain't happy. I thought they'd be on the softer side (98 duro), but they feel ever harder then Bones SPF's (84b, 104a) and i know that can't be true! can it? They also feel less grippy, maybe i need to break them in more... i dunno. Waiting on your reviews :)

  4. Aren't the Indy 159 Stage XI the same as the Stage X?

    1. For the purpose of shopping for modern Independent 159s, yes, the 159 Stage XI is the same as the 159 Stage X. This is only true for the 159. There is an Indy 169 Stage X that is different from the 169 Stage X.5 and XI. The Indy 169 Stage X.5 and XI are identical. Indy 159 Stages X, X.5, and XI are all the same design. The 159 was the prototype for the Stage XI geometry.

  5. Cant wait to see these reviews! Your blog is the most interesting skateboard blog on the internet, keep up the good work man. Its very much appreciated.

    Much respect from portland.

    1. Thanks! We're also going to try to do a few video reviews to see how that goes. We want to do better than the typical grainy, live sound, "ummm...ahhh..get these trucks" reviews you see on YouTube right now. High quality videos, like what you see on "How It's Made" and "Motor Trend", and even quick reviews similar to Independent's product description videos.

  6. Can you compare the Chocolate Pop Secret to a Foundation/Toy Machine (Tum Yeto) Fiberprime and/or a Stereo Sound Weave board? I have a feeling that they're all the same (Watson) construction.

    1. Sure! Let me gather up those two decks and I'll get them on the test circuit.

  7. Johnny let me try out the 52mm Snot Shots you sent him. Are you going to review those? Do you want a mini-review from me?

    1. Please do! You can post it to the facebook page and I'll make sure it gets onto the blog, too.

    2. Or email your review to

  8. Hey, anonymous commenter who expressed frustration at everybody suddently being "Roger & Ebert", I deleted your comment. I explain why I deleted it, and I provide a rebuttal to your comment, on the front page of the blog. Thanks for reading.

  9. Interested to see the verdict on the Thunder 151's. I've started to really like the feel of the 147 standards as an alternative to Indy. They remind me of the way Venture used to feel back in the 80s - quicker turning than Indy, but still stable and predictable.