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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Updates from the facebook page

A lot of activity happens over on the Skateboarding Is My Lifetime Sport facebook page. I realize that a lot of blog readers get neglected in all this, so I will do a weekly roundup of facebook postings to keep the blog readers in the loop. This should hold everyone until a completely new format rolls out in May-June of this year.

March 15:
Finally! A skate video part normal skaters can relate to! This is a must-watch for skaters who grow weary with 50-tries-and-1-make evel knievel stunts that comprise most videos.

March 23:
Fellow skaters, I present to you the "Thilver". Take a great hanger that has serious baseplate problems (Theeve TiH) and put it on a great baseplate with a weak hanger (Silver), and you get a magic surfy-stable truck. The stock Silver bushings work best, but it is cold here right now: might have to tighten them or put harder ones in as the weather warms. I will keep skating these Thilvers and update as I go.

April 3:
Not just for long boards! Surf Rodz work great on trick boards, too. They are very solid, very responsive, and very expensive.

April 4:
A Theeve version of Indy's famous 215? Eh, why not?

I am almost done with the review write ups. Decks, wheels, and trucks, all at once! Plus some accessories: bushings oh my so many bushings, tools, bearings, grip tape, hardware. Look for the first reviews to start rolling out this week.

Okay, an update on the Thilver. Those who responded have not received Silver baseplates yet. This I know because I haven't sent them. I've been in contact with Theeve, and I've agreed to tone down the hype on the Thilver - Theeve doesn't want to taint their image by associating with Silver trucks. Also, any results of experiments we conduct with Silver baseplates with Theeve hangers will be ignored by Theeve - they've already agreed on a redesign of Theeve trucks for the next version coming out in May-June 2013. So, here's the deal: we're going to continue with the distribution of Silver baseplates, we're going to limit this to 5 sets of baseplates, and you all are going to have to help distribute the baseplates around so everyone gets a taste. We'll send you shipping labels and boxes to send the baseplates on to the next skater. All that is asked of you is that you write down your thoughts on the Silver/Theeve hybrid and share them with this facebook page.

I've watched Pretty Sweet about 10 times now, no kidding. I still stand by my opinion that it is a shit skate video. The skill level of the tricks is Olympic Gymnast + Professional Stuntperson; there's no Lance Mountain, "the people's skater" parts here. However, it IS an entertaining movie, and it will sell skate products. I'm just not sure the kind of new skate product buyers Pretty Sweet attracted are going to stick with skating when after two years they realize they can't do a single trick in that video...

When watching skate videos, it is important to keep things in perspective. David Gravette can straight up do a standing backflip, while drunk, after a 4-hour skate session, on 2 hours of sleep. Keep that in mind when you try to learn gymnast/stuntperson tricks.

Did you know? To ensure consistency, I use the same shape deck for testing the equipment. I used the Alien Workshop Arto Saari "Battles" deck for almost all of the early tests - I went through 5 of those decks, with only one of them being good enough to sell to someone else and not feel bad. Later, I used Creature's Vampire Stake shape to do the 149 truck test. Then, deck testing commenced along with truck and wheel and other testing, and I used a Deckcrafters deck to do all the testing. Nowadays, I'm back on Arto Saari's shape, this time from Flip. Here's a modern classic graphic Arto Saari deck that I put together today. A "Welcome Back" (for Arto on rejoining Flip) graphic for a "Welcome Back" (for me!) shape.

April 5:
Did you know? You can run trucks on boards +0.25"/-0.35" from the truck size. So, 8.75" trucks can be ridden on boards from 8.45" to 9.0". Or, 8.38 trucks can be ridden on boards from 8.0" to 8.6". You just move the speed rings inboard or outboard to try to get the wheels as close to the edges of the boards as possible. The whole "proper" trend of exactly matching board width to truck axle length is from the early 2000's, when lots of skaters were doing rail stand (i.e. "primo") tricks with street boards. If you're not doing rail stands, just try to get your wheels to line up with the edges of the board as close as possible. It really doesn't matter if the axle nut sticks out.

April 6:
In light of a recent conversation with Johnny Ronci, I have added a column to the truck database that sorts the trucks into height classes based on their measured height. The height of the trucks are measured with new bushings and the factory tightness. Check out the database here, column K is the height class:


  1. The thing is, what Lance does cruising aroung in the Bones Brigade Video Show is now pretty much part of the genre of "longboarding," that is, cruising around from point A to B, bunny hopping, power sliding, hopping on and off your board. That's a longboard video.

    Probably not the ideal outcome, but it is where we are.

    1. True. Longboarding has gotten really diverse!

      In addition to Lance Mountain, I actually also connect quite a bit with Mike Vallely's skating. He is raw and powerful and incredibly creative and innovative.

  2. Back in the mid to late 90's when I was at my peak of skateboarding I was loyal to GrindKings. I've been away from skating for years but suddenly got a gigantic interest in it all over again after watching the Elissa Steamer Epicly latered episode.

    Is Grindking still around? I was checking out some decks on a retail site but didn't see any.

    Really digging what you are doing with this blog. I'm having as much fun looking at all the new product and seeing new and old pros as I did back in 96 at age 13!

  3. About that FB page of your's... the link doesn't seem to be valid anymore. Did you change the name of the page? Or do you prefer to keep it more personal after some bad experiences? Anyways, if you'd like to add me, FB... /timmbits I'd be honored.