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Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Link Roundup

Some links for your reading enjoyment.

The weather is hot and getting hotter. Here is more information about exercising in the heat and how to recognize the three stages of heat illnesses:
Health and Human Services has a lot of great information. Especially interesting is the warning against water intoxication, which is not at all as fun as it sounds.
New Yorkers know how to deal with excessive heat. NY Times wants to make sure you do, too.
Hopefully by now, as an adult skater, you've given up the skinny jeans for athletic shorts. The Mayo Clinic also advises wearing the right clothing for exercising in the heat.

I can't quite figure out how this works, but I'm glad to see that physiotherapy can include skateboarding.

Ultimate Skateboard Distribution has one of the best catalog collections on the internet.

I maintain a Google+ page, too. Share pics of your setup there!

Olney Manor Skatepark is my local concrete park. If you're ever in the DC area, check it out! is a great place to find skateboard equipment.

Skateboard-related deaths are tragic, but thankfully relatively rare. In 2012, 30 people died skateboard-related deaths. "It is important to note that all thirty deaths occurred in a roadway." Many of the deaths happened as a result of being struck by a vehicle.


  1. Amazon is a terrible place to find skateboard equipment. Support your local skate shop, even if is costs more. Amazon's business model is making life very difficult for skater operated/ locally run shops. Fuck 'em.

    1. My local skateshop sells on Amazon.

    2. Generally you shouldn't use Amazon, but occasionally certain companies blow out old stock on Amazon. If you see, say, some Bones wheels from two years ago pop up, on sale by Bones, at an odd low price, keep an eye on them. They'll probably go down by some algorithmically determined odd amount every day until they are all gone.