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Sunday, June 2, 2013


by Johnny

Mini Logo 8.38" Trucks
Color - Silver
Model/Size - 8.38"
Hanger - 146mm
Axle - 212mm / 8.375"
Height - 47.5mm
Weight - 338.5 grams

Mini Logo trucks are perhaps the best Low truck on the market. I am not kidding. It feels like some secret that only the skaters that aren't "truck snobs" will find out about.
They are the best turning, feeling trucks I've ever had in the almost 25 years I've been skating.
I've been religiously skating them on my main board since winter. I use this board every day cruising the streets, doing flatland, and at the indoor park and outdoor concrete park. I recently traded a set of Theeve TiAX trucks I had for a second pair of these Mini Logo trucks to keep on my tryout/review setup.
Yes, I really like them that much!

There aren't very many Low trucks out there in the 8.25-8.5" range, let alone ones that turn this well.
I skate alot of bowls and ramps of all sizes, and I'm the only guy I've ever seen that has skated or would skate Lows for those kinds of sessions in those kinds of bowls, but they work so incredibly well and turn better than anything else I've used in there!

The best analogy I've been using when describing these trucks to other skaters is that if Independent, Thunder, Venture and Theeve had an orgy, and someone got pregnant, the result would be the Mini Logo truck.

Front truck.
They turn and carve great, grind insanely smooth, are super strong and are actually incredibly light for such a tough precision truck. The hanger has a slightly curved shape to it that actually does help you lock into grinds better. You know how when you get into a 50/50 on a ledge and you sometimes slide to the toe side as you go along if you're not locked in right? Well, the shape of these trucks help you stay up over it and centered better so that doesn't happen.
Back truck.
On street with these trucks you can't really beat the balance of Low height for a quick snappy pop, and the light weight for an easier pop and flip. The way these trucks grind on coping, concrete, and metal is really a BIG plus. They feel like they almost just slide, it really feels good. The shape and the alloys used within them I'm sure are both 2 of the main reasons why they grind so well. 5 years of design and testing from Skate One before they were released to the public will do that for ya, because the trucks really work, I wouldn't change a thing so far but maybe the paint color, I don't understand why a raw truck gets painted silver? The stock bushings are actually really good, I'd say they very close to a barrel bottom version of the medium Bones bushings, but without the inserts. To get the most from these trucks in my personal opinion and taste and skate style I use the real Bones medium hardcore bushings, and I remove the top washer. I like my trucks pretty loose and with this combo I get the smoothest, turniest, but yet stable upon impact trucks I can get. Getting a super turny truck is one thing, but having it be stable at the same time is hard to get, the ML trucks do both of these nicely.
Bushing comparison - The stock Mini Logo barrel bottom and Bones Med Hardcore bushings. The bottom bushing is the same height as the Bones and the top is slightly shorter so you can use them no problem without the washer, and not have the kingpin stick out.
Notice how the trucks special shape actually makes the board look swanky, I like it.
Personally, I'll get wheelbite with anything I ride, with a High truck and a 49mm wheel, or a Low truck with 53mm wheels, so it doesn't matter what I do, I always get wheelbite and I just make it work. So I just wax under the wheels on the deck, I just don't think about it and use what feels best to me, which is Low trucks and 52mm wheels. This is just what I've always done, and never had a problem, I'm still kickin.
I like my boards very low, light and a bit on the wider but shorter side. I get to have to have a lighter but larger setup regardless of deck or wheel weight when using the Mini Logo trucks because they are damn light! Mini Logo 8.38" trucks are only 338.5 grams! Independent 149's are 389 grams, Independent Forged Hollow 149's are 344 grams, Thunder 149ers are 362.5 grams, Thunder 149 Lights are 345 grams, and the Thunder 149 Hollow Lights are 330 grams, that's only 3 grams less than the Mini Logo trucks, the weight of a small sticker!) Yeah, Mini Logo trucks are light! BUT trust me - they are damn STRONG! Ask The Bertand, he's a big dude and he thrashes trucks and bends axles no problem, and even he couldn't bend the Mini Logo trucks axles - but he did bend Theeves! This should say something folks! Trust me, I don't go easy on my trucks either. Whether I'm bashing my board around through the streets, grinding raw concrete coping, metal flatbar, curbs or landing hard and or crooked from a frontside air in the bowl, I've used and abused my Mini Logo trucks this spring, and they just keep on ticking!
Smoothest grinds on pool coping I've had so far!
The trucks' precision axles are a welcome notable difference to someone that uses slimmer wheels like I do.
They fit Bones wheels shapes perfectly without all that extra threading hangover after the nut that other truck companies have, no extra washers needed, and no worn down axle threads. If you use a larger wheel there will be no problem either, unless you use something like a 75mm wheel you'll be fine...but these aren't longboarding trucks anyways.
No axle threading overhang means no stripped axles for us thin type wheel/Bones users!
For those that want a higher truck, and or want to ride a larger wheel, a small 1/8" riser under them and they will be the standard Thunder high truck height, a 1/4" riser and they will be the standard Indy highs height. (Mini Logo trucks are the same height as Venture Lows, they are 47.5mm high). So adding a riser to Mini Logo trucks and you can get a "High" truck out of them pretty easy, while still having all the turnability and lightweight that they already do as Lows, that sounds weird, but trust me it's true.
The shape helps you lock into grinds better, and to stay up over the grind, not slide across it.
Honestly, sometimes it boggles my mind why George Powell didn't just start another brand within the Skate One company and have these trucks be under that brand as an all new truck company. Or they could have even put the Powell "Triple P" logo on the side of them instead of the Mini Logo "ML" and made them Powell Peralta trucks. Over the course of the last few months I've been I thinking all of this in my head because these trucks could be a huge deal in the truck market, if well quite frankly, they weren't labeled Mini Logo. It's sad, but true. I think they'd really compete with all the big dogs like Indy, Thunder, Venture, Tensor, and Theeve if they had been branded a more "cool crowd" marketable name. But, I think the point was not to be the new "cool" truck brand, but to get the trucks into as many peoples' hands and on as many boards as possible, for as little money as possible so they could be enjoyed and skated straight away. For those that have got them, they are doing just that! We all know the last thing we need is another $50-$60 truck out there that won't sell because of the average truck buyer's hardcore dedication to "what they always have used" is so strong. So these trucks at $30 a set makes a lot of sense to exist, and to compete with all of the larger truck brands standard models. It's the amazing deal of amazing deals when buying the best trucks you can get for your buck, I promise you that. I get it all the time in the past almost 5 months I've been promoting them, "Mini Logo trucks, are you serious? Come on man really, I'm all set, I skate Indy's for life blah, blah, blah". A lot of guys with too much pride and stubbornness to actually try something not only better in so many ways, but more affordable too, just will not. So, those skaters that have a stigma against a NON-popular pro truck company and their lack of "this cool guy skates these so you should too" marketing ideals, should just try a set of these trucks, and leave the hesitations at the door. Try them a day, a week, a month, on different setups, different terrains and let your improved skating do the talking to your "but this isn't what I'm used to riding" conflict within. You will be happy you let yourself enjoy something new, I'm pretty damn glad I did!
I still have most of all of the other brands trucks that I have mentioned here, and they are all good trucks,
but which trucks are on my board that I skate everyday, everywhere and on everything...
yup - Mini Logo trucks.

I posted a preview of this review on the Mini Logo Facebook page and tagged George Powell in it, and here's what he had to say -
"All the things you mention here are why we have done what we've done. Thanks Johnny for the thoughtful, incredibly complete review! It is so positive, it sounds like Jersey, our ML Brand Manager wrote it."
How awesome that it comes from an independent thinker and skater. Stoked!
The ML truck is not an exotic truck, it is just a very good standard geometry truck refined to death so it is optimized, made with quality materials, and offered at a reasonable price for discerning skaters. If you are a beginner, and you buy MLs because of the price, you will just luck out and be happy. If you are a dedicated skater who is over the hype, you will find a friend in ML. If you are a cool guy hater, .... well, hate on... 'cause "everything sucks!" - George Powell

Thank you Mr. George Powell, I have found a good friend in the new Mini Logo trucks, hopefully somebody else will too.
- Johnny
Decent kingpin clearance for a Low truck. No problems hanging up on the yoke either.
I remove the top washers and add Bones Med. Hardcore bushings - smoothest turning low trucks around!
This shape is just plain sexy - and it helps your grinds too!
No hangup doing nose slides either.
Up close look at the back yoke.

Mini Logo 8.75" Trucks  
Color - Raw
Model/Size - 8.75"
Hanger - 156mm
Axle - 223mm / 8.75"
Height - 48mm
Weight - 358 grams

Pics of the 8.75" Mini Logo trucks -

Mini Logo 8.75" raw polished truck. Close up of yoke.

Mini Logo 8.75" raw polished truck. 
Mini Logo 8.75" raw polished truck. 
Mini Logo 8.75" raw polished trucks. 
Mini Logo 8.75" raw polished trucks.
Mini Logo 8.75" raw polished trucks
Mini Logo 8.75" raw polished truck.

Mini Logo 8" Trucks
Color - Raw
Model/Size - 8"
Hanger - 136mm
Axle - 203mm / 8"
Height - 47.5mm
Weight - 335 grams

Pics of the 8" Mini Logo trucks -

Mini Logo 8" raw polished truck
Mini Logo 8"Raw polished truck w/ Bones bushings and no washer
Mini Logo 8"Raw polished truck w/ Bones bushings and no washer
Mini Logo 8"Raw polished truck w/ Bones bushings and no washer
Mini Logo 8"Raw polished truck w/ Bones bushings and no washer
Mini Logo 8"Raw polished truck w/ Bones bushings and no washer

To get yourself some of your own Mini Logo trucks click here - 


  1. Curious to see a review on the Thunder 151s. Coming soon?

    1. The Bertrand may have one, or at least a quick review on how they were.
      Personally, I haven't ridden them.
      Stay tuned! :)

    2. The Thunder 151 review is coming soon. There isn't much to say. They feel like wider Thunders.

  2. Thanks for the awesome and thorough review. I was wondering if these were any good but couldn't find any decent reviews until now. I've always ridden Independents, but I have my frustrations with them, so I think I will give these a shot.

    1. Thanks man, I wanted to do my best for anyone that was curious about them and also to those that shrugged them off and didn't bother to care about them as well.
      Like you, I also was pretty set on Indy's up until these came out. Now my world has been opened further to lower and lighter trucks and such. I kind of think of these Mini Logo trucks as really a happy middle between the better Indy's turning and the low height of Venture Low's and the weight of a hollow or semi hollow forged type truck, but without them being forged or hollow.
      The look and shape of the hanger and baseplate is all to themselves, very unique and works well. They do grind amazingly well. They are very hard metal!

  3. I am just getting back into skating after many years. I read your previous review about the Polar Bear trucks. It would be helpful if you could offer a comparison between the Polar Bear and Mini Logo trucks. Have the Mini Logo trucks replaced the Polar Bear trucks? Do Polar Bear trucks still rock your world? Do you prefer to use one of these trucks for particular styles? Thanks for any comments you may have, and I look forward to reading more of your reviews.

    1. Hey man, this is Johnny, the other person that does reviews and articles on this page. I did this Mini Logo trucks review. The Bertrand is the one that rode and reviewed the Polar Bear trucks. Not sure what he's using currently, but I'm all Mini Logo trucks right now. Low, light, strong, stable and wonderfully turny - love them for everything!
      I recommend them highly. (I've skated so many trucks since the 80's to now and these have been my fav so far, so take that for what it's worth).

    2. Polar Bear trucks are still a great choice. I'm riding a 9.3" deck right now, though, so I'm skating the only trucks that actually fit that width: Indy 169 Stage 11s with the 9.125" axle. The next size up for Polar Bears is 10". Therefore, I am still on the hunt for a 9.2"-9.6" truck for my wide deck adventures. Considering the Sabre 170s, the Theeve 6.5 when they come out later this summer, and the improved Don't Trip Trippins 170.

  4. I can't imagine them riding better than Theeve; were you experiencing the same old bushing problem, if not what? The reason I love Theeve is the shape of their yolk and the turn it provides, but your review has me on the edge of trying these.

    1. Johnny wrote this review. I think the Mini Logo trucks are good trucks. People should not be afraid to try them, or any other Mini Logo products, for that matter.

      I ride Royal 5.5s on my trick board. On my all-around board, though, I've been getting bigger and bigger, and now that I'm at 9.3" wide, I've been using Independent Stage 11 169s. I really like the Theeve 5.85s, but they were too narrow when I went from 8.75" to 8.9" wide. I used the Polar Bears until I got to 9", but then those were too narrow, too. When Theeve comes out with their 6.5 (estimated axle length is 9.1"-9.2") later this summer, I will pick up a set and see how they work on my 9.3" deck.

    2. Yeah he said he traded some Theeve's for more Mini-logo's and I thought man, are they really THAT good?

    3. Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah, Johnny traded a set of Theeves for a set of Mini Logos. Johnny reported that he really liked the low height of the Mini Logos. Theeves are around 53mm high before bushing compression, while the Mini Logos are around 48mm high. The two trucks are not necessarily better or worse than one another, they're just different.

      Interestingly, Theeve and Mini Logo trucks are both different than other trucks, too. With regards to usage and general geometry, Theeves are in the Indy/Ace family of trucks, while Mini Logos are in the Thunder/Venture family of trucks. Yet Theeves have a stability not found in Indys, Aces, and the like. And Mini Logos have a turnability not found in Thunders, Ventures, and the like. Both Theeve and Mini Logo transcend the norms of their truck families. Skaters who love the way Indys and Aces carve and turn but aren't so fond of fighting speed wobbles on the flat and when landing tricks might want to try the Theeves. Skaters who love the low height, easy flippability, and high stability of Thunders and Ventures but would like more turning without fighting wheelbite might want to consider trying the Mini Logos.

    4. The whole story is that I found those Theeves being blown out on Amazon by Theeve for I think $18.50, which, considering the price of Bones bushings, is practically free, so even though I didn't particularly need them, I bought 'em figuring I'd trade them someday. I traded them to Johnny for some Bones STF's he won for naming the "New Ground" video, and he traded them to Bertrand for the Mini-Logos. I've ended up not really using the STF's much, so if anyone wants to trade for some 54mm STF's...

    5. Yes, they are that good, above Theeve's.

      The Theeve's never turned that good for me.
      Honestly, I think I would have liked them when I was a teenager though, because they felt like what I used to go for, tight and stable. I also didn't skate bowls back in 1993 though.
      The Theeves just wouldn't go loose enough for me without the kingpin nuts falling off.
      I wanted to like them so very bad, I really did, I really didn't want to trade them, but they just were never going to be used once I got the Mini Logo trucks.

      I've skated so many brands of trucks in my life and none of them have had all of what I like in a truck, I always had to compromise - until I got the Mini Logo trucks, and really started using them.
      I'd say for me the 4 main things that keep me using them still today is 1-the turning, 2-the height, 3-the weight and 4-the way they grind. I have other trucks...but I choose not to use them because they don't have all of what I really like in one certain set - except the Mini Logo's do.
      If they ever come out with Forged Hollow Indy Lows - in a size 149, then sure - I'd use them of course! But, I don't really see that happening.
      I just prefer low, light, but wider than 8" trucks, and there just aren't any other brands out there making all of this that I what I want right now - again, except for the Mini Logo trucks.

  5. Theodore The Bertrand is 1000% correct on his breakdown of the trucks -
    He says it best right here, couldn't break it down any better. Great words man!

    "Theeve and Mini Logo trucks are both different than other trucks, too. With regards to usage and general geometry, Theeves are in the Indy/Ace family of trucks, while Mini Logos are in the Thunder/Venture family of trucks. Yet Theeves have a stability not found in Indys, Aces, and the like. And Mini Logos have a turnability not found in Thunders, Ventures, and the like. Both Theeve and Mini Logo transcend the norms of their truck families. Skaters who love the way Indys and Aces carve and turn but aren't so fond of fighting speed wobbles on the flat and when landing tricks might want to try the Theeves. Skaters who love the low height, easy flippability, and high stability of Thunders and Ventures but would like more turning without fighting wheelbite might want to consider trying the Mini Logos". The Bertrand

  6. I've looked at mini logo trucks but they are all mids not lows are the websites just wrong?

    1. "Low" and "mid" are not standard across the manufacturers. The Mini Logo truck height is 48mm.

    2. The Mini Logo trucks are def what anybody would call a "Low" truck. Stores call stuff whatever they feel like as they don't pull out the tools and do the hard work taking the measurements and classifications like we do, they have better stuff to do I'm sure, but I'd wish that they were at least right, because but most of them are not. Like I've explained in my previous Deck Measurements article it's getting harder and harder to order things online because of all the false measurements out there in the skate world.
      We are trying to help do our part and be the place skaters can turn and trust that what they will be getting is what they want measurement wise. There's nothing worse than ordering something, getting it, it being too big or small, and then having to pay to ship it back...that sucks!
      That's why we're here to help slap the companies into being more precise with their advertised measurements, or at least streamlining how all companies take measurements.

      The Mini Logo trucks height is pretty much that of a Venture Lo, which I pretty much have always considered the textbook Low truck of all time in the industry, as they were the first to make one.
      Ventures are 47.5mm, so a half a millimeter. :P
      For reference Independent Lows are 48.5mm and Thunder Hi's are 49mm. Independent Pretty much the lowest popular trucks you can get are Tensor Lo's, Thunder Lo's and Royal Lo's, they all fall around 46mm-47mm high. But with trucks that Low, ya better better be rockin no more than a size 48-50mm wheel, or tight ass trucks! Ha! At that low you ain't turning anyways, so if you still want to turn, yeah go with the Mini Logo trucks as they turn better than most trucks out there, high or low.

      For all truck measurements and weights, refer back to our truck table here, you'll always find what you're looking for. The Bertrand has done the work for us all already. :)

    3. Thank you for your review it is the only reason I thought about getting the mini logo trucks skated them today for the first time and they are great, best trucks I've ever had and now all my friends are getting a pair.

    4. That's awesome man, I'm very glad you enjoyed it and that it helped you! They are a hidden gem in the skateboarding world of trucks. Have a blast with them!
      Do tell Mini Logo/Skate One how much you like them.
      And tell them where you were heard about them too. Tell em Johnny and Skateboarding Is My Lifetime Sport sent ya! :)
      Keep grinding! - Johnny

  7. I actually bought a pair of these over Thunders and Indys because of this review, and then I also picked up Bones Harcore Medium Bushings, but the thing is that my Bones Bushings don't fit on the Mini Logo truck kingpin. How did you get it on there? Its not that its too low or any of that, but the fit is actually too tight to push the bushings down into position. Google isnt helping either. Can you help me out with some tips or advice? Much appreciated, thanks!

    1. Bones bushings have inner diameters nominally consistent with the industry standard, but the relative hardness of the cores reduces ability to conform to the kingpin's outer diameter.
      To overcome this, use a sharp knife to remove material from the hard inner core of the Bones Bushings. I will attach explanatory pictures to this blog post.

    2. I've uploaded the video over on the Google+ site:

  8. What? I have no problem getting them on at all.
    Just use some good force, you want them snug on there remember.
    If you still need some help, do this...
    Wax the kingpin below the threads, or put some Speed Cream on a Q Tip and apply it too the kingpin below the threads...should slide right on.
    I've installed 3 sets of Mini logo trucks and no problem at all.
    Bones bushings are snug fitting, which you want, so they take a little more FORCE! : ) Good luck!

    1. Glad you liked my review, I'm glad it influenced you to pick them up. You will be pleasantly happy!
      Best turn on a low truck out there!

  9. hi i was just wondering, about these mini logo trucks, i like to cruise on longboards and stuff, i made a longboard at school and i need to purchase trucks and wheels. Would these trucks be good for that kind of thing, i need them to turn well but also keep stable when im trying to cruise straight so i don't want it too wobbly. Also what wheels go well with the mini logo trucks. Thanks! judging by the review they sound good though!

    1. Yeah man, they'd be great for that.
      Like I mentioned in the article, they turn better than most trucks, but are very stable.
      They are considered low trucks, so if you did use a wheel larger than say 53 or 54mm wheel you're going to need a riser.

      As for what wheels work best I always suggest either Bones or Mini Logo wheels. Mini logo wheels are the same urethane formula that the Bones 100's is, but at a lower price and no flashy graphics.
      Do you want a soft wheel, or a hard wheel? And what size? Let me know.
      Wheels are my thing and I can steer you in the best direction and or directions. :)

    2. hahaha thanks, it looks like ill be getting these trucks! And im leaning towards the mini logo wheels although im not sure whats the difference between hard and soft? i don't really know much about wheels so im just looking for one that can ride easily over bumps etc. and smoothly but yeah i don't want to go all complicated and get a riser (i don't even know what that is). What do you think is a good size for a long board? Mine is about 20 cm wide and 88cm long and i want it to look normal haha :)

    3. 20 cm is 7.87", so you could get either the 7.6 or the 8.0 Mini Logo trucks. If your longboard is shaped, that is, narrower at the truck area than at the middle, then the 7.6 trucks would fit nicely. If it is straight on the sides, then the 8" trucks would be better. If you're in doubt, go for the 8" Mini Logos.

    4. I'd say get the 8" trucks if that's how skinny the board is because you'll prob eventually want to use the trucks on other things larger than 7.87" and want bigger trucks and then you won't need new to buy another set.
      For longboard wheels on this kind of board I'd have to see it to fully understand what you are looking for because I'm confused as to what you want to do. Send me or us a pic and we'll help ya brah. =)

    5. how do i send a picture*

  10. how do i send a picture?

    1. Find us on Facebook here -
      and message it. I'll get it. :)

  11. I am just getting back into trying to skate again and this post really has made me decide to try out Minilogo trucks but I have a question. I am going to get Spitfire 80HD 54mm wheels because my roads are horrible and no parks. Can these trucks work 54mm wheels without risers and if not what size? Also has anyone used those wheels before? I am not worried about being able to slide as much as wanting to learn flip tricks and grinding on a box. Thank you your time and great post!

    1. Hi, thats rad that it helped you decide to go w/ the ML trucks! Be sure to let them know on their facebook page or on their website. : )

      I have used 54's w/ them before. 54's on low trucks is cutting it close. Throw a set of 1/16 Dooks - 1/8" risers under them and you should be all set. You won't even need longer bolts either. 1" will do fine. Adding a 1/16" riser to Mini Logo height trucks brings them up to what Thunder highs are (49mm). Adding an 1/8" riser brings them up to about a Theeves height (around 51mm).
      The Mini Logo's turn better than both of these trucks in my opinion, so i'd stay w/ Mini Logo's and just get some risers.
      You know what else helps the feel on rough roads, Dooks Shock pads. They are super small and don't add any height, they just take away the shock of the boards vibrations on rough terrain.

      As for the Spitfire HD's I have not used them before, but The Bertrand has I think, maybe he could tell you how they were.
      I've heard they were good and not too squishy.

    2. The Spitfire HDs are great rough road wheels. You can still ollie on them, you can carve on them, and the hard core makes it a fast wheel. Grinding on a box will be fine, just know that the wheels will grip the box, so watch out on blunt slides, board slides, and krooked grinds.
      For rough roads, I also highly recommend Pig wheels 95a and Satori Linked Logos 98a. Both are great wheels, but not nearly as fast as the Spitfire HDs. And for bearings, aim for bearings that cost around $10. On rough roads, you won't get any extra benefit from going up in price. Bones Reds, Magic, Surf Rodz all make bearings in the $10 price bracket. Good luck, and keep us updated!

  12. "know that the wheels will grip the box, so watch out on blunt slides, board slides, and krooked grinds. "

    Oh thanks for the tip! I didn't know that would grip the box. Would the other wheels you suggested also grip the box? I haven't order yet I was still looking at bearings. (think I will go with Reds, hkd or lucky). Mainly I am going to be skating my driveway and anything I can make out of wood. Right now I have my grind box done and two kicker ramps attached to boths ends. Thanks a lot for your advice.

    1. Kong, if you're mainly going to be skating your driveway I suggest trying another wheel bro.
      You don't really need a soft wheel if your not going to be going on journeys across rough terrain.
      Bones STF wheels will be the best for ya, but if you are on a budget I'd really suggest Mini Logo's 54mm C-cut wheels.[search]=mini+logo+54mm&s[title]=Y&s[short_desc]=n&s[full_desc]=n&s[sku]=Y&s[match]=all

      They are a really great Bones 100's quality wheel for less $.
      Good luck and enjoy! =)

    2. This is what I ended up buying, I might add some bones bushings but I am going to at least give the stock mini's a try.

      Skate Warehouse Blank V-Natural Deck 8.0 x 31.75
      Bones STF Skinny Wheels 54mm
      Mini Logo Trucks Silver 8"
      Mini Logo Precision Skate Bearings
      Bones Skate Hardware 1"
      Mini Logo Shock Pads 1/10"
      Mob Perforated Griptape

    3. Rad setup Kong! Be sure to tell Mini Logo where you heard about the trucks.
      Let us know how you like em. Have a blast! : )

    4. Johnny, I just dropped them a line and gave you and your blog huge props. Thanks again man!

    5. Thanks alot man, I appreciate that. We just always want companies to know where skaters are getting their info influence from these days. The good ones are starting to see we are helping them out, showcasing their great gear. Thankfully the bad companies still don't know..hahahaha! We are as honest as can be, and aren't in this for anything but the sharing of knowledge, good or bad. : )
      And I'm happy to say the Mini logo trucks were a wonderful GOOD surprise. Alot of people were, and still are skeptical.
      No need for that anymore, dudes should just try em and see for themselves why. Glad you did bro, ENJOY!

    6. Yeah, Kong Pong, you did right on the setup. Give the Bones STF wheels a few days to get heat cycled, and they'll be great for the street.
      You will not, I repeat, you will NOT go wrong at all on the Mini Logo trucks. They're one of the best truck designs for street that I've ever seen. There really are no downsides to Mini Logo trucks in a street setting.

    7. Hey, Johnny, is Skate One planning a 9.25" or 9.5" axle Mini Logo truck anytime? That would be pretty nice, as I cannot find a TKP truck in the 9.25"ish size that does right by my wide deck setups. To try it out, I skated my 8.75 MLs on one of my big pops decks (my beloved Riviera Thai Fighter 10x38/19.75wb deck) and it was pretty divine to have that much control and so much added pop to my ollies. This with 1/8" risers and 58mm SPFs. But I missed having 7" of grinding surface to play with.

    8. Not sure B, I'll find out for you though. To my knowledge they weren't, but you know how things change.

      That sounds like it'd be rad! Maybe a lil bit tipsy, but rad nonetheless.
      Did you ever think of axle extenders possibly?

    9. 7" of grinding're a silly goose. : D

  13. Hi Johnny, thanks to this review I'm now an ML convert for trucks. After reading a discussion about wheel bite today I came across "Alpha" trucks that have a feature to stop wheel bite whereby you adjust some grub screws on the yoke which stops the wheels contacting the deck. I've had a good read of the site and it seems they really know what they're talking about when it comes to truck geometry and design. I'm in no way affiliated with the company at all and if I wasn't in the uk I'd be getting a set to try to see if they actually do stop wheel bite. I thought I'd bring this to your attention as wheel bite is something that you mention you haven't been able to avoid.
    Here's a link to a page on their site - follow the links on the bottom of the page (wheel bite, turning, stability etc) and I think you'll be interested. Would be even better if you or The Betrtrand could do a review of them. Thanks for the great site!

    1. Oops, here's the link, doh!

    2. That's super awesome man! Great to hear you like the Mini Logo trucks! Please do stop by there Facebook page or website and drop them a line and tell them how this article convinced to try a set and how you feel about them now. : D

      Haha, thanks for the tip James, I've actually heard of them, and I gotta tell ya, I'm all set. : P
      I'm ok w/ wheelbite, I like turning my trucks to the point of contact, at least I know it's free to move as far as I want it, ya know what I mean? I wouldn't want a restriction to prevent how far I'd wanna go ya know. Like what if I had to make a super sharp turn but they were locked up w/ some anti wheelbite protection majiggy to stop that but I needed to turn deeper and I couldn't and ran into a car or something. Wheelbite happens, but if you ride wheels that are hard enough or slick enough and or wax under yer wheels on the deck you'll always roll through. Soft wheels, not so much.
      The thing I like about the Mini Logo trucks is that George Powell and the team kept the design simple and basic, while hiding the super good turning and super grindable material. I like it when there's as little parts and do hicky's to go wrong on a skateboard.
      Just like on guitars.
      Cheers brother! : )

    3. Hey Johnny, I completely understand where you're coming from regarding having as much simplicity as possible when it comes to your board. I've only just got back in to skating recently after a 24 year break : ) - last time I skated i was 10 years old.
      I'm still experimenting with how tight/loose I want my trucks and at my level I haven't experienced any wheel BITE as such but I can feel the wheels rub on fairly quick turns. I currently run 55mm type s 98a wheels. Would you count these as hard as per your above reply? ie would you expect the chance of actual bite throing me off the board to be limited with this duro of wheel or are you referring to the stf/spf type compounds?
      The actual trucks aside, did you read some of the technical info on that site? If you didn't here's a link to one of the pages which actually explains why it's better to skate a low truck with risers than it is to skate a truck that has been manufactured to be high. Kind of explains why you find the ML trucks to be so stable yet turny and also confirms that your suggestion of simply adding a riser to the ML trucks for bigger wheels to actually be the perfect option!

    4. Maaaaaan, I've done it again : ) here's the link

    5. James, thanks for that link. I hadn't read that part. So thank you, it was spot on. I couldn't have said it better. They are nerds too. : P
      98a is still a hard wheel. I skated in the late 80's and skate masonite bowls now, so i still think a 97a is in the hard class. hehe.
      95-97a are one thing, and 98-100a all feel pretty much in the same class too me as well. it's the over 100 claimed type wheels that are in a class of their own. Like a Bones STF which is a 83b wheel. (103a if there was such a thing) It skates like a 99 or 98a wheel would in my opinion. And an SPF which is 84b/104a skates like a 100 or 101a wheel.
      Because of their rebound properties Bones STF and SPF wheels skate so much better than people will think they will when they judge them by their durometer readings. The urethane composite type is unique unto itself and has not been duplicated yet...even the Spitfire Formula 4's feel nothing like a Bones. Some either love Bones or hate them...most love them, I'm in that category.
      I had a set of Hosoi wheels in that 98a formula from Type-S, they felt like SPF's to me on masonite, a little too slippery for what I like inside, but were pretty fast! : )

    6. Thanks for the info on the wheels - much appreciated. On that subject, one thing struck me in your review that you may have missed. You mentioned that the trucks are good for thinner wheels. It shouldn't matter what wheels you run as long as they have the standard sized core. Wide, thin, big or small won't make a difference when they all have the standard spaced core of 10mm or 0.4". This has always baffled me as to why Indy for example leave all that thread spare on the end of an axle when we know the exact dimensions of the wheel that will be going on there ie standard 608 bearing x 2 and a 10mm space in the middle.

    7. Ah my friend, here's where only a nerd like me would know these things. See I have a passion for wheels, but I also have been fortunate to have had won a certain Bones wheels video contest. I named the Bones wheels video "New Ground".
      I was already a Bones obsessed guy before, but that sealed the deal. I pretty much got a life of Bones wheels and stuff.
      So, I have all sizes and shapes and stuff. Bones, Powell etc. I also have a vast collection of other wheels.
      And what I meant was that see alot of the modern slim wheels, like the Bones V3 shape for instance or take any normal wheel under 52mm and the width is very thin. I know this for a fact because of one certain thing, spacers.
      I've experimented w/ the spacer thing back and forth, and the main reason I've gone without spacers in the end is that you can't properly fit spacers in standard small wheels anymore, ones that are under 33 or 34mm wide for that matter.
      Most wheels I ride are about 31mm wide, some 32 and some 30, but the Bones V2 and V3's are 28 and 29mm wide.
      So you see what I mean now? Wheels all don't have the same width inside the core, and because of this and their overall width some of them will make the axle stick out alot at the nut ends. This is something that happened alot in the early 90's when our wheels were between 38mm-44mm. Axle ends got chewed up and then were impossible to get the nut back on when you changed wheels. I see alot of Indy and the like users using Bones and having alot of threads sticking out on their axle nuts.
      My point was that the Mini Logo trucks don't have this problem. That and they are precision to the core.
      I know you're already a fan, so I know I don't need to sell you on them anymore, but they really are quite fantastic, and they keep revealing cool little things once you've had em longer and longer.

      Have you realized the camber in them yet? The way they have a slight camber on each truck?
      This is a secret thing. See, when you have a camber on something, like say board rails, and you camber them in towards the center, you help balance the slide so it stays straight. Same thing I believe has been applied to the camber on each truck.
      It's subtle, but I believe it helps with grinds. It's all in these small details, the hidden features of the wonder that are these trucks.

    8. Wow, I never realised that the smaller wheels had non standard core dimensions. Since getting back in to skating I've only tried Bones SPF in a 58 and then dropped to the type s 55mm. Let me ask you this if I may - if you were running a 55mm wheel on an ML truck with your current setup, what size of riser would you use?
      The reason I ask is that I'm currently running 1/8" and feel like I might even benefit from a 1/4" riser. Thing is I can't seem to allow myself to run a 1/4" riser - it feels like I'm stepping back in to the eighties even though I know that that would still leave me with a truck that's slightly lower than a standard stage 11 Indy.
      Man, I wish I didn't obsess over these tiny details. So yeah, if you could let me know what size of riser you would run with a 55mm wheel that would be great.

    9. Well, here's the thing James, I'd suggest this - ride smaller wheels.
      Bigger wheels sizes aren't needed, they are preferred, because of nostalgia and because of what people THINK they NEED...but DON"T.
      Have you read my article of wheel sizes?
      Check it out here -
      Seriously, if you went down to say a 52mm wheel tomorrow and took off your risers completely, the difference you would notice in speed would be pretty much nothing but the increase in board control and in self confidence within yourself would be peaked.
      Most of the young pros and am's of today that skate in the park and bowl comps use between a 52-54mm wheel. The others use 55-58mm, but most of those guys skate the big tall deep bowls and are older guys, the bigger the bowl, the bigger you might want to step up yer wheel, but unless you are going to be going to the Vans Combi bowl, you don't need it.
      Trust me...many a dude that liked big wheels when finally they swallowed their pride and went to a small wheel were surprised to see that the difference in speed was so little that it wasn't a big deal after all.
      I've rockin 52's and 53mm wheels at my parks and mainly in the bowls for over a year. No probs here dude. I bounce up in size when I go through an 80's phase but I quickly come back because I lose all my tricks when I start going with a bigger wheel and higher trucks. My pop is based off of a low truck and I've been snapping em that way for over 20 years, so it's just how my body works now. The lower the better. Smaller wheels will pick up speed faster, bigger ones will pick up slower and then have a faster top speed, so unless you are in a large enough bowl or big vert ramp there's no use, cuz you will never get to that top speed, ya kno what I mean? You have no idea how many vert guys in 1993 used wheels smaller than 50mm. And they did well on them too, in 93-94 alot of vert skating flip tricks were invented. I actually have a set of "vert sized" early 90's wheels right now, they are 44mm. They are great and actually skate really well, faster than I thought they'd be on street compared to over 50mm wheels honestly, but at the park is where they shine best because the ground is super smooth and the ramps are too. With all the smooth surface there's no need for a super big "park wheel" that alot of older guys these days ride. It's just habit and they're working to hard for it man. I know by experience. haha! Wish we had the parks we have today when all the wheels were around 40mm, shit would'a stayed that way a little longer maybe, well maybe. =)
      Cheers bro. =) Good luck!

    10. My best advice to you James would be to play around. Experiment.
      Pick up a set of 52mm wheels, ride em for a few weeks. Then go back to your 55's a few days, and then back.
      Maybe you'll see you like smaller wheels and a lower setup, and maybe you'll see that you don't. There's only one way to find out for sure what works best for you, and that's trying everything. Half the fun of skating is messing around with your setup. : )
      Todays we have every size wheel, all the in between sizes and everything, so there's so many options for increases or decreases.
      I find that you see the most change when you go up or down in 2 to 3mm increments all at once. Like a 58-54 or a 55 to a 52, or a 53 to a 50mm, stuff like that. Maybe you'll see you like something like a 52mm but want them a little larger but not quite as big as the 55's you currently have and that's where a 53mm comes in. Same applies to everything, there's so many wonderful options out there to play with, it's a great time to be a skateboarder.
      Don't forget also that wheels shrink. A wheel will lose about a mm a month of skating on the street or in a concrete park on a regular basis. I tend to like it best when my STF wheels are good and worn in and the treads are all gone and the contact patch has widened because of the wear. Indoor wheels lose next to nothing because of all the dirt and dust and grim that your wheels pick up and that acts as a barrier and takes away from the wear on the tread surface. I wear my wheels down on the street for a week or so before I take em to the indoor park because treads pickup dirt and grim like a rake. It also gives me a wider contact patch without having a wider, heavier wheel.
      Like I said, play around, only you will know what works best for you, once you've ridden it all. Have a blast bro! : )

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I ride mini logo trucks already and I'm wanting to move up to an 8.25 just wondering if the 8.38s will stick out too far?

    1. They line up pretty square to an 8.25". You'll never notice the difference. No hangover at all. I've used em on a bunch of 8.25" and 8.38" and 8.5" decks. Have em on a Real 8.25" right now. PERFECT!
      Perfect sized trucks for boards between 8.18"- 8.6".

    2. Thanks man like six months ago this review made me try the mini logo trucks and they really are the best.

    3. That's awesome man, love hearing that! I'm glad you went out and tried the trucks for yourself so you could how rad they really are!

      Be sure to let Mini Logo know where you heard about them and again thanks brother.
      - Johnny @ Skateboarding Is My Lifetime Sport

  16. Hi Johnny,

    Great in depth review.
    Here's my situation, I'm currently on Indys Stage 11. Just the standard ones, nothing fancy. Bought it like a year ago and it's still looks fairly new. Skated some other people's setup last week with Thunder Hollow Lights and I loved it, great height and weight. Way lighter compared to my Indys, I'm so close to pulling the trigger.

    After reading your review, I have a dilemma. either the Thunder Hollow Lights or Mini Logos. Trucks are more expensive here in my country plus I don't want to make another bad decision and have another extra pair of trucks laying around. The Mini Logos are like $15 cheaper than the Hollow Lights and is only a few grams heavy according to you. I'm not sure which to get. Also, are you paid by Mini Logo?

    1. Hey buddy, I'll try my best to help you out.

      First off, NO - no I am not paid by Mini Logo or Skate One or anything like that. I just fully back their products and designs and respect George Powell's creations in every way. But, with that being said, I'd be backing the Mini Logo trucks if they were made by any other company as well. It's the trucks design, turning, height and weight and their amazing overall performance that I love, not the company. That comes second.

      Now, onto finding you the right trucks. First off what size wheels do you ride? How tight or loose do you ride your trucks and what do you skate mostly, street, or park/tranny//ramps/bowls? Let me know and I will have a more well rounded opinion for ya my brother. : ) Thanks again.
      - Johnny

    2. Thanks, appreciate the help.
      For wheels, mostly 52mm. Skate street and park mostly, but the concrete here in the parks are pretty rough if that matters. Medium tight trucks at the back and medium loose in front. What do you think?

    3. I also forgot to ask what size deck you ride?

    4. I still haven't really had a great chance to thoroughly review Thunder Hollow Lights and their turning over Mini Logo's, but The Bertrand, who started this page and has really tested every truck on the planet out told me that even the Mini Logo's have a better turning over Thunders. So with that being said, I'd say get the Mini Logo's and that extra $15 you now have and buy some Bones bushings and a set of Dooks 1/16" little risers pads. Adding the 1/16" Dooks will make the Mini Logo's the exact height of the Thunders. Mini Logo trucks are about 47.5mm high and Thunders are 49mm high, maybe a little lower when they have that Forged baseplate on the Hollows. I like to be low as I can get, and also skate 52mm wheels. I skate pretty loose trucks and take the washers of the ML trucks for maximum turn and a snatch hair less weight. : ) I get wheelbite on 44mm wheels w/ Indy's so regardless of how low or high I am and how big my wheels are I just deal with the wheelbite. Never stopped me before, and I go riserless 100% of the time. I do have those Dooks 1/16" risers if I ever decide to want a little more height clearance though. They're still un-used in my bag. Someday i'll break em out. : )

    5. I ride a 7.75" deck, small skinny guy.
      Think I'll get the Mini Logo and maybe along with try out the Bones hard bushings as well if the shop can offer some discount. Currently riding Bones medium on my indys, would like to mix the hard and medium and see how they feel. I already have a couple sets of risers for when I use 60mm cruiser wheels but I don't think I'll be using them, just ride them lows with 52mm wheels.

      Not that there's anything really wrong with the Indys Stage 11, but I feel that Thunder Hollow Lights really suits me after trying them out. If the Mini Logos are even better than the Thunders, I'll get them. I should be getting the 7.63" ones with my board right?

      Thanks Johnny for the prompt reply.

    6. Ok man, here's why I have suggested all I have to you thus far bro.
      Mini Logo trucks are low trucks. The lower you are, the quicker the board will snap, and pop up. That's what lower trucks help more of, getting a faster pop, because the tail and the board are closer to the ground. The higher a board is then the more the deck will be raised up when the tail smacks down and that's why people say you get a bigger pop with higher trucks, because the board is leaned upwards more, so when your foot drags up on ollies it is raised higher, but you do have to put more pressure and energy down when you push that back foot down fast to pop. So that's it. It takes more energy to pop when you're higher off the ground. This is why I say all us older dudes are working too hard these days. I see so many older guys skating Indy's, risers and big ass wheels. And then they have a horrible time popping the board for any flatground tricks. So, for me personally I just like to be lower. Low trucks and smaller wheels. I like to pop quick ollies over stuff when I'm skating, over random rocks, cracks and sticks where I skate, and without too much energy dispersed. I can pop higher with lower trucks than higher trucks, because that's just what i'm more used to. My pop is timed to my setup because i've just been skating it this way for so long. I also skated in the early 90's when we all had low trucks and 40mm wheels. That's when i really learned all my popping type tricks. So my pop is born from there even I started skating in the late 80's and learned to ollie then too. Gear evolved for a reason, we learned what worked and what didn't, through trial and error the last 3 decades. I love shaped boards and big wheels and am nostalgic as any other old mcgee, but I do know what skates best and get's the job done better and honestly easier. That's popsicle shaped decks and smaller wheels and a lower ride. Everyone's different, but in all reality we aren't that different. Shit works for a reason, and gear today is made for all of those reasons...

    7. With all that said though, I do still love skating Indy's. I just tend to prefer Mini Logo's overall since they came out because they are the height of all my old favorite low trucks of the 90's, but turn like a really great modern high truck. They turn close to Indy's and yet are low like Venture lows and have the stability and quickness of Thunder Highs. They're kinda like a hodge podge of all 3...but turn a bit better overall. They're still light and they are also indestructible and grind insanely smooth, fast and honestly a bit better on concrete coping and concrete curbs than other brands to me. George Powell and his team really knocked it out of the park when they spent those 3 years designing them, that's for damn sure! Think of them more as a Powell Peralta truck, because that's what they are. They skate like a real high end truck. The Mini Logo branding and the lower price was just to get them onto more peoples boards easier and for a less price. Some dudes give me shit over the internet about them, but that's because they are crusty fucks that are so set in their ways that they miss out on anything new because they don't like change, even if it's for the better. Oh well, their loss. Anyone that has tried th ML trucks has loved them and has become a believer. I advocate so much for them yeah, it does seem like I'd work for them, but I don't. I'm just trying to share the better skating I have experienced since I started using them with others so they too can enjoy a better skate and have more fun learning new tricks and doing the tricks they already can do EASIER. That's all. I just want to help people. My pride only lays with that, helping others through my experiences. I'm no scientist, and I don't know everything. I just have a keen sense of understanding design and technical features. In basic terms, I know what works and what doesn't and technically why. Now The Bertrand, he's a bit more scientifically gifted and technical data brain smart. He is the Albert Einstein of all this over the top technical review type data and figures and info. That being said dude, even he loves the Mini Logo trucks over alot of others. That speaks miles to me. : )

      As far as the 7.63" trucks, I'd say yeah as long as you aren't going to be maybe moving up to an 8" deck anytime soon, otherwise get the 8" ML trucks. I have the 8", 2 sets of the 8.38", and a set of the 8.75" Mini Logo trucks. The smaller the trucks, the smaller the turn. (Less carvy, the wider the more carvy/surfy). It's your call. The smaller trucks will be a little bit lighter, but the 8's are still really light too.The 8" Mini Logo trucks are 330 grams w/ Bones bushings and no washers, 335 grams stock. Like I said, you could go either way. I'd say tape a tape measure and measure your usual riding 7.75" deck at the bolts areas. Some boards come in a little bit around there, some stay straight full width through from the center of the deck, the waist of the board.

      So good luck bro! I think you will be really happy either way, 7.63 or 8" ML trucks. Skate one are good people and make great products. And even if you decide now or later to get some Thunders you'll prob be happy as well. DLX is a rad company. They are both great! Have fun and let us know how you make out buddy!
      - Johnny

    8. That's some detailed write up. I'm sold.
      Since my Indys are 129, I'll get the 7.63" ones. Thanks a ton Jonny.

  17. I know you don't work for skate one or anything but any word on when the new mini logo colors are going to be available?

    1. Not sure man. I'd send them a message on Facebook. Jersey Mike is really quick with getting back to questions.
      Should be anytime now I'd guess.
      Good luck dude! : )

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I've picked up an Elephant Brand Street Axe 9.5" deck that measures close to 8.5" at the trucks and comes recommended with 149 Indies, 58mm wheels and 1/8" risers.

    I'd originally intended to use my 22 yr old 149 indies until i discovered that they do not have the same drilling as modern trucks. So, loving the idea of a lower, lighter mini logo, however do you think i need to go for the 8.38's = 4mm narrower than a 149 Indie (given the Bertrands 150mm measurements) or the next size up at 7mm wider?

    Also, will a 58mm wheel, mini logo truck and 1/4" riser still be too low (wheel bite) for this Street Axe?

    No wheels yet, looking at 58mm Spitfire 80HD's or 56mm ATF's / HD's (if you think it will work ok o such a large board) for street and A-B travel use.

    1. If you go for a wider truck, the wheels will line up with the deck edges, and you might see the axle nuts. A wider wheel, one that covers the axle nuts, will hang a little over the deck edges, but with a board like the Street Axe, it will make no difference. The original intent of having the axle width exactly match the deck's width was to optimize the performance of the skateboard when doing tricks on the rails (i.e. "sides") of the board. If you're not doing railstands or rail flips, you're fine going with whatever width truck you prefer. My opinion: as wide as reasonable.
      Some of my own observations that might help you make your decision:
      - I have found that a wider truck improves predictability and repeatability of my flip tricks. I've skated from 7.75" wide trucks to currently 9.8" trucks. My kickflips flip more predictably with a wider truck and wider deck. I don't know if it's the extra weight or the extra width; probably a combination of both. Be advised that I tend to mob my kickflips and flick my heelflips (this is because I learned kickflips in the 80s while I learned heelflips only recently - I had no nose on my board in the 80s to flick.)
      - Theoretically, a board with wider trucks will flip slower than a board with narrower trucks. However, in practice, I have never noticed this difference. Your body adjusts to the different feel so quickly that the speed of your flips regresses to the mean before you can make any long-term observations of difference.
      - Wider trucks will contact the lip on banks and ramps that your narrower trucks did not. Be aware of this so you don't get pitched off by an unexpected grind.
      - Wider trucks give more leverage on turning the board. You may have to put in harder or different shaped bushings to get the same turning response feel. I am a big heavy dude, so I use stepped barrel bottoms on my 9.8" trucks. On 8" trucks, I only have to use conical hard or even medium bushings on the bottom (boardside). For some reason, changing the top (roadside) bushing has never made a difference for me with regards to turning or truck feel - I often leave in the stock top (roadside) bushings. Maybe it's the way I skate, I don't know.
      Good luck!

    2. Trust us Ben, The Bertrand knows what he's talking about, take his word as fact. So, aka - go w/ the 8.75's. : )
      - Johnny

  19. Now all I have to do is wait for them to come out with a wider version... like the Ace 55 or dare I dream, like the Ace 66, for my 9.75" wide pool deck.

    1. Can't speak to Mini Logo trucks getting wide, they seem content with 8.75". I know Theeve is coming out with 9" and 10" TiH trucks soon. Bear Trucks Polar Bears are low like Mini Logos, and their 10" truck is right around 9.8" wide.

  20. The very tip to tip edge at the back of the Street Axe measures 212mm which is exactly the width of the 8.38 mini logo's. Now my only concern is truck height vs wheel bite. I'm usually on the firmer side of loose so do you think something like 58mm wheels, on a 1/4" rise will run on this deck?

    Independent state that their 149's are 55mm Standard height, recommended wheel size without riser 56mm and under.
    48.5mm Low height, recommended wheel size without riser 52mm and under. Is it just a case of adding the difference in wheel size via risers to get the truck height right i.e.: Indy low 48.5mm on a 52mm wheel just needs an additional 6mm (1/4") Riser to equal to run 58's?

    Sorry if this is really obvious, I'm not close enough to any stores that stock mini logos and larger wheels, so having to calculate in advance of online orders.

    1. Given the same size for both, Indys bite before Mini Logos. If you're using 8.38" Mini Logo trucks and you want to run 58mm wheels, and you tend toward medium-tight trucks, then you're somewhere between 1/8" (4.45 mm) and 3/8" (9.53 mm) rise. You can get six 1/8" risers and stack them until they feel right. Start with 1/8", then go to 1/4", then go to 3/8". As long as they're all the same brand, stacked risers are just as reliable as solid risers.

    2. I agree w/ Bertand, the 1/8" risers stacked sounds like a good experiment to see what works best for you.

      I do still say the 8.75" is your best best to go with, the back truck measurement is never that crucial of a measurement on fish type shaped decks like the Street Axe. Back in like 1988 all those fish shaped and whacky shaped decks measured around 8.25"-8.5" back around the back truck and all those guys were using Indy and Tracker 169's! And even if they were going smaller it was the Indy 159's that they were rockin. So take that as a helpful bit of "ohhhhhh kaaaay, I get it now" and run with it brother man. Order those 8.75's some risers and get rolling and less thinking! : P
      Have a blast!
      - Johnny

    3. or get 2 x 1/8" + 2 x 1/4" risers. 4 total instead of 6, costs less, less stacked for same height possibilities.

  21. Wow, great responses all round. Yes stacked risers are a great idea.

    Aesthetics wise, 9mm of risers might be too much for me, do you think 56mm wheels would be a good comprimise here, or am i better off going for a taller minilogo alternative?

    The new school vs old school thing going on with the Axe and your site has got me fired up to skate again. I'll likely throw together a more apt pop board with mini's and 53mm's to see where my tricks develop, whilst using this bruiser to haul.

    Can i push my luck and see if you have any soft wheel recommendations for the Axe?

    Hopefully I'll get decisive and be rolling at the weekend.

  22. Nice thorough review! I would like to point out one thing about Mini Logo trucks because it might be important to some people (it is to me). They are not made in the U.S. They are made in China.

  23. Great review!!! Do you guys remember Standard Trucks? Mike V used to ride for them. I swear these Mini logo trucks look exactly the same and I'm pretty sure Standard trucks were under the same Skateone banner. Standard trucks were one of the best trucks I ever rode so I'm keen to give the Mini logo trucks a shot.

    1. Thanks RODOSONE. No, I don't remember those trucks? Could you find any pics or links to old ads? Love to see them!
      I tend to jump out of skateboarding back n forth through the years because of my music career, I do that alot through my life, but always come back to skateboarding. I miss alot of brands that come and go in those times that were cool. Lots!! Thanks again man!

  24. No love for Mini-Logo Trucks

    I purchased these based on the numerous glowing reviews (this one mainly) and because I needed a set of 8.75" trucks. After several adjustments I have found that these trucks do not approach the expectations I have come to rely on from Independent and Ace (the only other 2 truck companies I have used).

    1st setup:
    9" board (Flood Kontrol Ditch Stick II, no wheel wells)
    Bones DTF 58 mm wheels
    1/8" shock risers

    I usually go for a looser type setup. For example, I swap out the stock medium orange Indy bushings for soft reds. The Mini-Logos are indeed soft but too much so with this setup. I got wicked wheel bite even with the kingpin super tight. Rebound was pretty terrible too (both tight and loose) with the trucks not returning to center after turns. I switched the bushings out to Bones Mediums and turning and rebound dramatically improved. However, the trucks were still too low and I got a lot of wheel bite.

    One review stated that if you add 1/4" risers to these trucks they perform just like high Indy's. So I added 3/8" risers. Still got significant wheel bite and the turning was stiff and not very sharp at all (nothing like Indy's or Ace). I then tried a smaller wheel and higher risers.

    2nd setup:
    9" board (Flood Kontrol Ditch Stick II, no wheel wells)
    Bullet Church Glass 55 mm wheels
    3/8" shock risers

    No wheel bite with this one but the turning was pretty bad. I eventually put Indy's on this setup. At this point I was pretty disappointed with the Mini-Logo trucks but determined to find a use for them.

    3rd Setup:
    10 x 30 old school pig shape (with wheel wells)
    Rat Bones 60 mm wheels
    1/2" hard riser with 1/8" shock riser

    I set this up for cruising mainly with some curb and pool skating mixed in. Because I went to the 60 mm wheels I went very high with the risers. I switched back to the mini-logo bushings (I was done wasting the Bones bushings on these trucks). I still had to tighten the back trucks quite a bit to avoid wheel bite to the point that the top bushing began to bulge out from under the washer. After a little cruising I thought I had found a good fit but when trying a quick slappy just for fun the bottom bushing slipped out of the base plate seating on the back truck preventing it from returning to the correct position. This is perhaps the worst design flaw. If I can't carve into a curb then there is no way I trust this in a bowl. At this point I felt I had given these trucks enough chances and I'm pretty much at a loss now. I realize this review is at odds with virtually every other review and consider that I am not a very technical skater and I'm pretty hard on my equipment. Maybe someone that does a lot of flippy tricks and not a lot of carving and smashing into stuff are cool with these trucks but they are definitely not for me. I'll stick with Indy and Ace (although I have been tempted to try Caliber trucks).


    Poor Turning
    Poor Rebound
    Bad clearance for any wheel over 55mm (even with risers)
    Terrible base plate seating design for stock bushing (pops out when doing slappies!)

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  27. Mini Logo trucks are Sweet :)

    Time for my review on these little things...

    First of all, my set up is 8.5" deck; my trucks before were Krux 5.0; my wheels are bigger, my favorite wheels are Ricta Clouds 78A 57mm.
    I like to ride fast, carve, cruise the streets, parks, hills, pools. I am not really technical, more on the street surfing side of skateboarding, which is realy super fun.
    I used to ride decks in between 8" and 8.25" with Krux Downlow, and I really loved the feeling of being close to the ground. Krux Downlow are 52mm high. I moved up in size last year to try and I really loved 8.5" board for now, so this where I am now.

    I am really a Krux guy I have to say their trucks are awesome, hyper light, design is really cool, the manufacturing is perfect and the stock bushings are really over the top.
    So, as I said I moved up to a 8.5" deck and bought Krux 5.0 to match my board. To be honnest I really love them, but I wanted them to be lower and unfortunately they don't do 5.0 downlows, only 55mm highs
    I searched the internet to find low trucks for 8.5" decks and honnestly they are quite rare, or old school/outdated/not manufactured any longer. I finally arrived on your website and judging on the nice reviews decided to give the Mini Logos a try ;)

    I bought 8.38" about 2 weeks now and I have to say that I love them, BUT they need little modifications to make them so sweet ;)
    First to match my 8.5" deck, enlarge the hanger which is 146mm. If you don't know the technique, just follow :) stack speedrings on the hanger side to widen the distance in between wheels. On some trucks you can stack up to 3 or 4 speedrings depending on their thickness. Most of the time a speedring is almost 1mm thick so easy to count your hanger size. On my Mini Logo I have my Hanger + 2 Speedrings + Wheel + Nut, on both side which make me an approximative 150mm hanger. Perfect to match my 8,5" deck, makes my deck really stable.
    Remember that if you use this technique with more than 2 speedrings you need brand new nuts with plastic lock not being used previously otherwise you are going to lose your wheels ;) (I do not hold any responsibility on this ;) )

    I started using the stock bushings and I have to be honnest, they really, really, really suck... As the previous review said, no rebounds, no coming back to initial position, so soft that you wheel bite, horrible... And you can imagine with my 57mm without riser...
    I used some other soft bushings and they had almost the same problem, even though I really tighten my trucks to the point that the top bushings being squeeched and make a bulk under the top washer... I really do not think that these trucks geometry is made for softer bushings...
    I have to say at this time I really questionned myself about these trucks, which honnestly look quite good, and well made, and seem so suddenly disappointing...

    BUT there are some solutions ;)
    In fact the bottom bushing seating is not really good, the lip is too low moreover if you use cylindrical bottom bushings, the response is not really good and it can even pop out. To avoid this I made the following little hack ;)
    I used my Krux favorite bushings, which are 92A and the same size as the Mini-Logo AND used the bottom bushings washer/cup IN the Mini Logo seating. These washers are higher than the truck seating, so is kept really good in place giving full rebound to the bushings, full carving, and... no wheel bite ;)

    To sum up, my 8.5" deck feels now like a magic carpet, hyper low THOUGH I ride 57mm wheels without risers and my trucks are not this tight ;) BUT make the little hacks to get the best of them, almost everything is in the bottow washer, 10cents at your local skateshop :P AND change these horrible bushings ;)

    PS : I also have to add that the turning radius is steeper that my Krux 5.0, which is super cool, even steeper if I remove all speedrings aside the hanger making it almost slalomy with a shorter distance inbetween wheels :)

  28. I've been using the 8.38" mini logos for about a month or so and have liked them. Well, until this week when my hanger popped out of the pivot cup 3 times in one day. When I was taking the truck apart to change the pivot cup I found the area around the kingpin on the underside of the base plate had cracked and partly broken off. I notified mini logo and am waiting on a response to find if this an isolated defect or just poor manufacturing and to see if they'll replace the base plate.

  29. lil note to all you, 'quit in 90 whatever started again in whatever' (weekend skaters) types- please dont get involved with sk8park design comittees you dont have that rite -needs to be said

  30. I wanted to believe you so much, and was kinda skeptical about this review. 'surely these things can't turn like indies but be stable and low like thunders', but nope. It's all damn true, I just got these at my local skateshop in Australia for the grand price of $60 AUD, where all the other cool guy trucks are $80 dollars or more. I had a pair of indie stage 11 reynolds on my other board, and I was always annoyed at how high they were, I loved the turning, but they were too high for comfort. I put them on my board and wow was I in for a surprise. These turn and carve like indies, but are low like any low truck, but even crazier is that they turn even when they are relatively tight. It simply doesn't make sense in my mind. I've tried royals and tensors too, you tighten them up and they simply don't turn when you loosen them up so much they start to wheelbite, simply a kickturn truck. I know I won't be buying another other trucks, mini logo all the way.

    P.S. I've also tried the 99a C cut Mini Logo wheels in 52mm, and they were very nice, I can't speak of durability, but man they were nice to ride on and all I've got to compare them to is Formula Fours and STF's.. very hard competition.

  31. I changed the 169 indys for mini-logo 8.75" on my BE40 deck and can't be happier! More turn, and more stability (if that makes sense). And the pop on the tail has improved so much (due to height or axle placement I guess) that my ollies are much loftier!
    Thanks for the tip, gonna stick to these for a long time!

  32. The Polar Bear and Mini Logo trucks are getting comparison. When I want to purchase truck and wheels for my long board at that time I was confused how to buy the right things. Skating are no so easy and definitely its too hard to made a skates board on myself. Product mus have to be available to made it.

  33. Great post. Love the reviews on here. I grew up skating and skated for about a decade; getting back into it 18 years later. Trying different setups and MiniLogo is definitely next on the list. As for wheels, I like having a hard set and soft set- Wreck are my favorite hard wheels so far (55mm) and I just got an set of MiniLogo 90a 53mm ones for the rough terrain I come across (Ricta cloud 86a seemed too soft for me - I'm pretty tall and heavy so that might be why).

    1. Also, Autobahn dual durometer wheels are pretty fast.

  34. The MiniLogo 8.75 trucks came in and I gave away my Indys to some skater at the park after I tried them out. Really great trucks.

  35. Thanks for writing such a thorough and helpful explanation of the wheel design – very useful for helping a newbie figure out a first longboard purchase.