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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Lenovo x120e advice

In addition to turning on scroll lock for my Lenovo x120e computer, I have also discovered how to reverse the Ctrl and Fn keys so the Ctrl key is in the same place as on a regular keyboard.

Straight from the Lenovo website:

"Newer model ThinkPads support a function to swap the key functions in BIOS.  If you have a T410, T510, X201, W510, W701 or later ThinkPad, and wish to remap these two keys, check your BIOS for a setting.

F1 to enter BIOS on startup
Select Config
Select Keyboard and Mouse
Toggle the Fn and Ctrl Key Swap enable or disable (normal)


Once you've done that, you can physically swap the keys, too, because they're the same size on the Lenovo x120e. Just pop the keys up with a stiff piece of plastic, then press them into place in their new positions. 

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