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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Theeve Trucks announces the new V3!

Theeve Trucks has released the Summer 2013 catalog featuring the new V3 truck. With an improved bushing seat, this truck fixes the bushing issue once and for all.

Theeve's newest size is the 6.5", which will initially be available for the TiKING, TiAX, and CSX trucks. Continuing on are the sizes 5.0", 5.25", 5.5", and 5.85". Look for a review of the 6.5" Theeve soon!

The next version of the TiH model will be released this fall.

There are lots of other new developments at Theeve. I'll keep everybody informed as the news rolls in!


  1. First I just what to say thanks for info. I love you're blog. Long time reader, first time poster. This is a little off topic but do you know if the the 2013 v3 line still has the ti-bolt titianium hardware? I have look everywhere for a pair and can't find anyplace that has any in stock. Besides directly contacting theeve and somehow getting a pair but I don't think that will work. Do you know of any way I could get a pair? Thank you in advance my good man.

    1. Ti-Bolt hardware has been notoriously hard to find. It will be difficult to get a set from Theeve, you've got that right. They've switched distributors and there is no definitive word yet on whether the Ti-Bolts are continuing in Theeve's product line up.
      If I see any Ti-Bolts for sale, I'll let you know pronto.

    2. Hey homey, I found some Ti Bolts. These suckers are not cheap.

    3. And over at Social Skateboarding:

  2. Really looking forward to this review, hopefully also with some spec like height, axle placement and weight. My current favourite truck is the Tiax 5.5 without top washer running really lose. They have to be the best carving truck for 8,5" boards. If you found anything better please share.

    I really like the Ace 44 also but they are heavy and the axle bends therefore i was bummed when theeve V2 came out with a heavier hanger. The V2 Tiax 5.5 is actually the same weight as indy hollow stage 10 forged 149 (weighed without bushings) and the indy axle is wider. If Theeve added even more weight I might be back on Indy trying out the new stage 11 hollow or trying to create some kind of hybrid.

    I know the height has been improved to 55mm on the new 149 stage 11 but is the axle placement the same?