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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Theeve Trucks: V3 coming soon!

Hey Theeveheads out there, the V3 Theeve is coming soon!
I'm currently preparing my first post about the V3. I'll share the details after Theeve makes their first announcements about the V3.
Two things I can safely share with all of you now is that:
1) the bushing bulge issue is fixed for good on all Theeve models
2) in addition to Theeve's current sizes - 5.0", 5.25", 5.5", and 5.85" - there will be 2 new sizes, the 6.5" and the 8.5".

Based on the average difference between hanger and axle width on Theeve's past trucks, I expect the 6.5" will be about 9.1" long at the axle. I'm hoping it is closer to 9.2". When skaters go above 9" wide on board width, they usually step up to 9.3"-9.5" wide, skipping the 9.1"-9.25" sizes completely. For comparison, Indy's Stage XI 169 is 9.125" long at the axle.
The 8.5" could either be a true 8.5" hanger, like Trackers, and be 11" long at the axle, or it could be a nominal 8.5" hanger, like Independent's 215, and be 10" long at the axle. I suspect it will be 10" long at the axle. These are just speculations, though, we'll have to wait and see.

I've been skating a 9.3" wide deck lately, and I'm continually fighting speed wobbles on my Indy Stage XI 169s and Surf-Rodz 177s, so I will gladly welcome a set of TiAX 6.5s. It's gonna be awesome!


  1. I can't wait. How can I get my hands on some to review?

  2. So heres the question...
    SurfRodz 177mms, or Polar Bear 180mms for pool skating?
    (9.75-10inch decks).
    Anyone skated the SurfRodz as well as the Polar Bears?

    1. Surf-Rodz with their bent pivot and Polar Bears with their straight pivot have completely different handling characteristics. If you're going to be almost entirely pool skating and you're accustomed to Independent trucks, then get the Polar Bears. Only get the Surf-Rodz if you either already skate extremely loose trucks or you already skate bent-pivot trucks like Trackers or Gullwings.

    2. Thanks!
      Sounds like the Polar Bears would suit me best.
      I appreciate the input..