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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Link Roundup

It's that time of the month again, time to share some of the links from around the interwebs.

Check out these photos of older skaters in Malmö, Sweden. Proper. There is also a bitchin' video of one of the Death Race entrants carving up their superpark.

I've been posting skateboard-related photos over at the public Google+ page. Most of them are photos I've taken of skateboard gear and equipment, some are photos I've ruthlessly downloaded from the Internet.

News that I'm most excited about is the new Theeve truck, the V3. They're available now at many skate shops. I have a set on their way to me, to be delivered today according to the tracking number. An introductory review is coming in the next few days. I expect greatness. It will be nice to get on a set of Theeves after skating such a mishmash of trucks since I moved up in board size to 9.4" and now 10". My 10" x 38" deck is shaped and needs trucks with an axle approximately 9.25" wide. The Theeves should fit nicely.

Independent truck fans will be happy about the Fall offerings from Indy. Among the highlights are an Indy truck with a forged baseplate and titanium axle in the various sizes (129, 139, 149, 159, 169) as well as an Indy truck with a forged baseplate and hollow axle and kingpin also in the various Indy sizes (129, 139, 149, 159, but I don't see 169). The Forged Titanium trucks retail for US$83.90 for the 169s. Ouch!

Creature Skateboards is channeling ghosts of the 1980s with this saw edged curiosity. Otherwise, the Creature Fall 2013 lineup looks awesome as always.

Things look differently colored but otherwise static over at Deluxe. Oh, except for a new formula for Spitfire wheels. Real Skateboards has a saw edge skateboard, too.

New Balance makes skate shoes now, and I finally saw some in the wild.

If you've tried everything with your bushings but just can't make it work, why not try some cube-shaped bushings? Care of the nice people over at RipTide, who do make some nice bushings.

G-Form protective pads use Newtonian fluid properties to provide a protective pad that is flexible until impact.

Skate or Die, fools.

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