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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Photos and Specifications of the new Theeve V3 trucks!

I have been skating some Theeve V3 trucks in size 6.5. I took photos and measurements. These and more photos can be found over on the Google+ page.

Hanger width: 162mm (6.38")
Axle length: 230mm (9.06")
Weight: 368.5g
Height: 51mm (2.01")
Axle Placement: 34mm (1.34")

(For comparison, the Indy 169 Stage 11 weighs 421g.)

Here are a few photos of the TiAX V3 trucks.

As I take more photos, I will post them over on the Google+ page. Head on over there and check out the photos!


  1. Thanks for the specs! 34mm axle placement would be tha same for Tiax 5,5 do you think? The current axle placement of 31mm I believe is the reason why the tiax 5,5 feels so responsive, especially without the top washer. I run my tiax 5,5 wheelbiteparty loose and really love the response. If Theeve made the V3 more "stable" just when indy dropped the new more responsive stage 11 i'm afraid the party might be over (at least my party).

    It was bad enough when they made the V2 heavier than V1 (tiax). Why did they opt for the Csx hanger design adding more weight to the titanium hanger tiax. I've grinded my V1 3mm into the actual titanium axle and they still don't bend!!! Just riding the Ace will bend the axle. If you already have the strongest truck out there why make it even stronger? Sorry for the negative OT, Theeve is hopefully still the shit! :)

    1. Yes, the axle placement should be consistent among the sizes, with the exception of the Low, of course.
      I've only ridden my new V3 TiAX on a little cruising run, but I can assure you now that the V3 is a frighteningly responsive truck for turning and carving. The V3 trucks are actually a little less stable on center than the V2 and V1, owing to the hanger design that centers the yoke on the kingpin. My experiences so far are that the trucks start to turn a lot quicker than the V1/V2, but the turn is not as deep. However, the kingpin is long enough to put a tall cone bushing on the roadside ("top"), and that would give extra turning before the washer touches the hanger. Alternatively, take the top washer off and you'll get deep, deep turning.
      On initial impression, the V3 likes to be ridden medium-loose to loose.
      I don't think your party is over yet. :)

    2. Sweet! Thanks alot for the input. Time to order some and take the party to the park.

  2. First of fall thank for an amazing blog!! finally someone who is not afraid of a little skate-tech-nerdiness which all skaters posess but most are "too cool" to admit to =)

    Have you heard anything about when TiKing will be available in V3 version?

    1. Thanks for the compliments. We work hard for this blog. It is nice to hear your appreciation.
      Rumor has it the TiKing will be available in September. There is an awesome new colorway also scheduled for September.
      What would you think if Theeve sold just the baseplates with the TiKingpin already pressed in?

  3. That Riviera board looks so good with the Theeve trucks on it.