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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Removing wax from griptape

by, Johnny

One of my pet peeves is getting wax bits stuck in my griptape. It's a small but annoying thing.
I've tried everything, but this is the only thing that really works, and leaves no trace of wax and doesn't harm the griptape at all.
It will fully remove all of it, quick and easily too!

All you'll need are these things -
- an electric iron
- paper towels
- a few minutes of your time

First, let the iron heat up for a few minutes.
Lay a paper towel or two over the area with the wax smushed into the griptape.
Put the hot iron on the paper towel right over the area with the wax on it.
Push over and over the area to really heat up and melt the wax. Keep doing it.
The heat will melt the wax and it will stick to the paper towel, pulling it up and off the griptape.
Repeat until all the wax is gone. Use a few clean paper towels when repeating so you don't get wax on your iron.

That's it! It only takes minutes and leaves no trace!
Enjoy this fast and easy tip to solve this small but aggravating issue we all deal with.


  1. nice.. hehe got to try this one out..

  2. great tip, will remember this one

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry to hear about that.
      Put your iron on the lowest possible setting. Alternatively, try a hair dryer.

      Grip tape is typically silicon carbide (artificial sand) sprinkled heavily on a membrane of semi-hardened adhesive. The adhesive, being a polymer, will melt if exposed to excess heat.

      Johnny's method works because wax melts at a significantly lower temperature than the liquid polymer used to make grip tape. In fact, at around 110°-120° F, wax melts sufficiently to be wicked away by a permeable substance like paper towels.

  4. dear Johnny, no need to make life so complicated.
    just boil water with an electric kettle, and pour it over your griptape, and it will come right off.

    1. (of course, place the board at a 45 degree angle, and hold the kettle as high as possible to create the effect of running water with a bit of water pressure) and take care to angle the board away from yourself to prevent splash burns, and wear protective eyewear for the same reason.

    2. water on the grip will easily wreck your skateboard

  5. This may irritate you first time to remove the wax from the Board but don't be so Upset it seems very easy if you know those tricks. Some careful maintaining can make it so simple to you.