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Sunday, August 31, 2014

We interrupt this summer to bring you a special message

Not much blogworthy this summer, too much skating and sweating, and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for Theeve to release the new TiH. (Come on, Trev! My big pops deck is wearing the 6.0 TiAX for too long now!)

But then I just noticed this: Independent finally has their new bushings available for purchase. The return of the barrel boardside bushing! Thank goodness.

Skate safe. Peace out. Bertrand


  1. Do you still love your Polar Bears? And you never posted a follow-up on your Paris 169...

  2. I can't think my summer without a but touch of Downhill boarding . I really love to do different tricks and style on my board. thanks for sharing such a great article.